September Release - General Feedback

Huh, if you had friends in Eve instead of “I want to do it al myself”, you would find a better play-style.

When you reprocess over a 100 towers, thousands of sentry/ecm/launches/nos/whatever every industry module for a fraction of the cost of their replacements it doesn’t seem proper at all. Seriously, a XL engineering platform without rigs cost almost as much as the ships it produced.

When drilling platforms were released it took about half a dozen of us to unanchor everything in about a week. We needed the moon goo to be able to pay for sov and alliance taxes, which was about four billion a month.

One system alone had about 40 moons, though most weren’t worth having a stick on. The moon re-roll ended up being a positive net increase. Moon mining? Naw, that was toxic gameplay that nobody did after 3 months, It just wasn’t worth the effort compared to VNI ratting and the rorqual fleets of delve depressed prices to the point where quantity won over quality.

It could be argued that the problems of the last few years with NPC bounties reaching insane supers farming 150+ mil ticks is the result of passive moon goo removal. If your corporation handed out ships/srp from the passive moon goo, there wasn’t a need for line members to PvE except for extra cash.

Active moon mining was a nice idea, but all it did was push people into the easier and safer activity of super-grinding NPC’s. Look where that got things. Probably would have ended up here eventually, but CCP loves driving the Eve bus straight down the damn toilet as much as it gives it a wash.


why punish players that have spent billions in skills, time and resources to build or buy a ship class, that has been nerfed repeatedly? Does this make sense? A player that has a JF or Carrier has time invested in the game. Has time invested in his corp and possibly alliance. Now what he enjoyed playing is suddenly no longer fun. they feel disenfranchised and quit. They certainly dont need the cyno alts or the Jump Freighter that now cost less than when he bought it/made it. My Anshar cost 2 billion less today than when i bought it… My cyno alts that i pay on a separate account now need more skills and isk sink to be useful. It is like the cyno pilots now have more time on their hands to gank pilots not paying attention in high sec… thanks CCP that was brilliant


It is not punishing players, it is removing something that was far to generous in the first place. Look at it this way, what you got up until now was a bonus, now its time for the standard.

Your post summarizes nicely the complexity of the problems in EvE right now, and that easy solutions don’t exist. We now see the next shift with miners and ratters coming to highsec for the better moon ore and Trig/Abyss farming.

Sadly whatever gives the best ISK/hour/effort people will flock to and then dictates the social structure.


If your worried about the cost of your jf you clearly havent been using it - certainly not correctly.

so you pay for an account thats not been skilling and the characters on it arent useful?

I think your grasp of basic ethics may be somewhat lacking.

Nothing wrong with active moon mining, its the changes to the rorqs and such that made issues; and perhaps peoples greed - but hey, thats fixed with blackout so all goo eh :smiley:

Rubbish. Easy solutions exist. You just have to listen to people telling you about Black Swans before you setup the Black Swans. Replacing passive moon mining which put a hard cap on how much materials could be produced with a system that can produce virtually any amount of materials and is even harder to tamper with, you actively ignore that you will screw up for the sake of screwing up. CCP will tell you that they didn’t know what will happen but that is an outright lie.
It was absolutely crystal clearly visible what would happen. Based on that absolutely crystal clear projection of things to come the active moon mining and Rorquals should have been developed. It should never have been possible to bring several Rorquals to a mining belt. That alone would have prevented so many issues that CCP is now trying to “rectify” by inconveniencing everyone who do not engage in this gameplay.
It should also never have been possible to run unlimited numbers of jobs per structure when it comes to capital production. These job slots should have stayed limited because that limit kept their proliferation in check in the past.
Another black swan mistake was the change of making capitals provide “active gameplay”. It turned them into omgwtfpwn-machines and that was clearly to be expected from the past as well. Sentry carriers were a problem. Let’s replace those with something that is even more powerful and which can in addition also be used for ratting like nothing else. Before that ratting carriers were a niche thing because their ticks were not outstanding, afterwards they became the new VNI.

CCP knew those things all along. Easy solutions exist but not for a challenged developer which rather provides “fun” tools for a time (which can be years because said developer is not competent enough to fix issues in timely manner and calls this “iterative approach in small steps”) instead of balanced equipment.

All of those things were brought to you by the CSM and the Greed of Null.

If you want to know who is to blame it is the same people who are threatening to quit and whining about the blackout. Same crap every time.

CCP either bows to their will or they throw a tantrum and that is how we got into this mess.

No one asked CCP to turn Rorquals into Superpowermining machines. No one asked CCP to turn carriers and supers into active PVP and ratting monsters. No one wanted more grind for the sake of grinding. CCP did those things themselves because they thought it would be fun and engaging gameplay.

Lots of people also kept telling CCP how the GSM is too one sided but CCP kept ignoring these warnings to the point where the GSM was 60% Goons.

There have been so many opportunities to fix problems early on but CCP chose to ignore these opportunities. Now they are flailing and screeching just as much as those people who throw tantrums and threaten to unsub. What’s good about it this time, however, is that both sides follow through with their threats. At least in this regard we are finally making progress.


Because it can just as easily be removed from the game as added. CCP can cross that bridge when it happens, and until then it will be good content for the 5+ years it takes for the law to come into circulation.

What a crap! (a necessary expression) *

As I see it:

Cynosural Field Generator I should be used only by Titan like Jump Portal Generator I does.
Titan own a Jump Drive, but should be allowed to lit a door on its own aswell.

Black Ops and Force Recon Ship should use only Covert Cynosural Field Generator I, not allowed to use Cynosural Field Generator I, as Black Ops can’t use Jump Portal Generator I and just Covert Jump Portal Generator I.

Since Industrial Cynosural Field Generator has not been added to the ORE hulls, the real Industrials *, this will mess a lot the ore hauling, leaving us just with the Jup Drive of the Rorqual.
The Orca and the Porpoise needs a way to jump to a cyno, even if not allowed to lit one.
The Orca should be allowed to use the Industrial Cynosural Field Generator, or to be able to jump but not to lit, give the Orca a Jump Drive like any Capital.

Since Jump Freighters are enough to jump outside from Highsec to haul ore, and the Bowhead doesn’t own a Jump Drive to haul assemblies, i don’t see the need of another Jump Drive allowed in Highsec.

Giving the Orca a Jump Drive banned in Highsec could be enough, but the best option is an industrial cyno for the Orca and a covert cyno for the Porpoise.

But as I see it, what is a MUST is that Porpoise needs to be allowed to use Covert Cynosural Field Generator I like Prospect does, cos Porpoise is the big brother * and Prospect is the little brother *: same skin, both designed for wormhole life and Gas Harvesting
Without a cyno on its own, Porpoise loose it’s ability to be a Command Ship and a Hauler at same time, and any kind of ORE ops should not need additional haulers *.
With this, a Covert Ops Cloaking Device II for the Porpoise should have been added long ago.
Say to me that Porpoise is not a Covert Ops like Prospect is.

IMPORTANT: any kind of cyno, any kind of jump portal, and any kind of Jump Drive should be allowed to jump to a lit cyno of any kind. If only industrial cyno link with another indy cyno, but not with capital cyno or covert cyno, that’s a crap! (a necessary expression) *

Realizing that Industrial Cynosural Field Generator has not been named as T1 variation, it makes me think that Cynosural Field Generator I, Covert Cynosural Field Generator I, Jump Portal Generator I and Covert Jump Portal Generator I could loose it’s T1 name too…
BUT since Covert Ops Cloaking Device II and Improved Cloaking Device II are the T2 variations of the Prototype Cloaking Device I:
Covert Cynosural Field Generator I and Industrial Cynosural Field Generator should be the T2 variations of Cynosural Field Generator I, and Covert Jump Portal Generator I should be the T2 variation of Jump Portal Generator I aswell, and named according to this *.

PLEASE, I BEG: allow the Porpoise to use the Covert Cynosural Field Generator I and the Covert Ops Cloaking Device II and become a real Covert Ops * as ninja wormholer with it’s little brother Prospect.

Note: My plan is to huff Fullerenes in Wormholes with the use of my multibox fleet of alts: some Prospects to huff only, a Porpoise to give Foreman and haul the gas, a Covert Tengu ‘Nightfire’ as scort and a Buzzard ‘Mantigu Seabeast’ to scan.
What have all this in common that makes it so cool?: almost the same black skin with green lines but the Tengu with red lines, and the use of Covert Ops Cloaking Device and Covert Cynosural Field Generator.
This awesome fleet of mixed Covert Ops to huff gas at wormholes can only be posible or finished if the Porpoise can use the covert cyno and covert cloak.

Thanks for considering it. *


Its called, “the good of the many, versus the few or the one!”
Too many believe that corps, parties, and conglomerates should capitulate to the few voices instead of the many. EVE in itself is about the many! The strength of many, being part of many, yet if you want to be the few that is cool too! Just be prepared for that decision and accept your fate when the time comes!


Except that only around 12% of the game play in null. This is about the squeaky wheel getting what ever it demands and the rest of the games population can get stuffed.

But as a free game, its fine.

I definitely agree an Industrial Cyno should be fitted to ALL industrials and allow any jump capable industrial to jump to it. This pairs with the Rorqual only being able to haul industrial craft with regard to focusing industrials to industrial activity only.

As to your Orca idea, since the Orca is the Industrial Capital of HiSec alongside the Freighter, we really need a T2 Orca or a Jump Orca same as a Jump Freighter. It should be allowed to fly in HiSec same as a JF and restricted to only carrying industrial ships in SMB same as Rorqual.

A T2 Orca now there is an idea. An orca for any occasion.

Yes indeed. However at a 15b-20b price tag they would be very difficult to get in and make for some very shiny KMs. Tornado gank fleets would become much more a thing as they hunt these shiny new whales.

So it needs to be a T2 Orca with Guns.

Never happen. Mining and combat drones is all it would ever have.

If they can screw up the game by making destroyers so powerful and disposable, why not screw it up more.