September release - General feedback


(Cloon McCloon) #22

I really like the Market Ticker, but can it not just show the items I deal with? Or whatever I have in my Market Quickbar?

ie: If all I do is buy/sell minerals, it would be nice to have a ticker showing only minerals, I don’t care how the Orca market is holding up.

(Shirrath) #23

While you’re at it, please add an optional filter to limit the ticker to market activity in the current region.

(Farr Arrow) #24

THANK you CCP (and to all your dedicated and hard-working employees and developers) for this newest September Release. I really really like all the effort that is going towards totally re-doing Moon Mining and all the newest associated skills. It’s so incredible to see how Eve changes and morphs and evolves over the years and to see how most of the players and pilots themselves are actively involved with the process and constantly work so hard to try to help Eve become better and better. And better.

(Old Man Prae) #25

IS there anyway that we can get the market ticker as its own separate entity because even though its nice to see in markets Tab it takes to long to get to what I want. If it was its own thing I would dock that sucker up on my top screen and let it go that way I could always keep an eye on it instead of always having the markets open which at a certain point you cant minimize past a certain size.
Hope this helps.

This Old Man

(u3pog) #26

+1 to make market ticker customize-able.

(Eric Lemmonte) #27

Suggestion for the new Market Ticker:

If you went through the effort to give is this why not let us choose what is displayed? Perhaps display what is on your market quickbar and you can click an eye symbol to show/hide folders on the ticker. :thinking:

(Circumstantial Evidence) #28

The problem I have with ticker is that it’s a ticker: distracting motion animation. Fortunately it’s easy to hide it.

I would have no problem with a configurable “hot bar” or list box with prices that update automatically every minute or two. The existing market Quickbar could be extended with a price info column.

(xOmGx) #29

New Firing effects for LAZERS SUCK alot…

WTB mod to bring back old firing effects for Laser based weapons

CCP give it back

(n0thing) #30

Launcher doesnt work, client crashes even after I get to login screen.

(Jin-Shan Wang) #31

The new weapon effects look amazing. Could a next step be that when hitting armor/structure, a little cloud of debris splatters off from the point of the hit? Pieces of the hull disappearing without them breaking off is a bit lackluster, especially with the impressive hits at the moment.

(Vision Thing Achasse) #32

Can’t login now on two different computers.

So disaster update for me.

Just spins endlessly on log in screen.

(The AntiChrist666 Diablo13) #33


  1. Options to customize the ticker in general
    a. increase/decrease scroll rate
    b. include/exclude items
    c. additional second ticker for different settings (twin)
    d. only/prioritize price change min % with min volume/orders of x
    e. third additional ticker for different settings. (3 build)
    f. show ticker history of last x on page
    g. suppress price changes lower than x%
    h. ability to copy past (code?) settings from other players for ticker
    i. beside % price change also volume and order count options
    j. option to choose between buy/sell price
    k. keep item in ticker if requirements met of settings of at least x for at least x amount of time, and queue count at ticker of how many there are of them at the moment.
    l. specific color for item name if requirements met of x
    j. option to set more % views, example: Tritanium 00,10% | 01,25% | 15,00%. (Tritanium | daily change | 2 week change | 1 month change)

(Ni Neith) #34

I did, I went to reddit. I can’t take a forum that lags on PC (!) while scrolling down the posts

(Dibbler Littlebottom) #35

After the update i can’t play. I have maybe 20-30fps even on potato mode. If Witcher 3 can run on high, EVE should run like baby chased by pedobear.

(Peter Yurgin) #36

The ticker would be better if you could customize it to things you care about.

(Galaxxis) #37

The new laser effects seem really dim for some reason. I could barely see the beams when I ran an incursion earlier. I thought maybe the incursion shader was messing it up, but apparently it looks dim in normal space as well. I tried both tachyon and mega pulse with different ammo types and in every case it was too hard to see the beams. Can we maybe get an improvement to laser visibility?

(Vasil Comino) #38

Something important I think has been missed. The reaction skill books were released to prepare for Life Blood release, but we still dont know what the rigs in refineries are going to include. That hinders our ability as players to know how many characters are going to need to be trained. Can you please get the info out on a blog and/or put the features on SISI.

(Rhino Sheka Zinbar) #39

I love progress, this is great. Thanks CCP!

(Aodh MacDonald) #40

OK 3 computers on 2 networks that were running fine before the “update” now will not log on.Good to see somethings never change UGH

(Condor Kaenald) #41

where is my medium autocannon buff