September release - General feedback


(Conan Condor) #42

Market ticker is great addition; down the line, it would be useful to be able to customize it, both its position in the UI and in the items it displays.

(Voxin Tulon) #43

Since the patch yesterday, login takes ~2-10 minutes, no sound in game.
Let’s see will there be screw-up fix after downtime.

(Kipsley Caton) #44

Love the continued work put into Eve. Loved the Tournaments, but how’s this for an idea… The Eve Olympics. We all know the Millennium Falcon did the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs, but how fast is your ship? Team and single player events could be thought up for all classes of ship. Who has the fastest Cruiser? The fastest Exhumer? Who can kill the most NPCs in a minute? Imagine a relay event where two teams race to a finish line, but they have to dock and let the next in their team make the next run. Catch is you can shoot at the other team member as well. Just a few ideas.

Eve is awesome. Something for everyone.

(zluq zabaa) #45

Thanks for the nice changes!

Specific feedback to the Market Ticker: it is a nice idea and like every nice idea it will need some refining on the way. Apart from making the data correct and somewhat transparent for which region this data applies, I would be curious if further customization for real live market data (like: chose region/hub, chose items etc.) wouldn’t cause a huge overhead.

(Kipsley Caton) #46

I do so love the Ticker. A great idea. But I mine and would be over-the-moon if I could make it give me the buying prices for say… plagioclase ore within a 3 jump area of me. That would be a tool I would use.

(Ptraci) #47

Skill training completed.

Also, thanks for letting us turn that market ticker off.

(Zetakya) #48

The Market Ticket is a useful idea, but poorly implemented.

It being restricted to what items CCP think are important makes it of marginal utility at best; ideally I would like to see it changed to a rolling ticker of the items from that characters Quickbar, rather than a generic set.

I’d also like to see options on whether the data it provides is cluster-wide or current region only.

(Ni Neith) #49

Yesterday the game was fine…today I have a massive fps drop. If its around 30 FPS it’s considering being “fine”. In fights and especially in sleeper sites it drops as low as 19FPS. This is just unplayable. How to fix that? already tried to clear the cache.

(Jureka) #50

where u turn it off?

(Arcanith Lionheart) #51

tiny arrow on the bottom right of the market window, just above the ticker

(Nana Skalski) #52

I wonder how will this ticker help players see what is worth how much ISK. The prices are different everywhere and ticker is the same everywhere. :thinking:

(Batrist Macvay) #53

New Turret effects look great, but you can barely see them. Please turn up the brightness ESPECIALY on Lasers you can barely tell they are there.

(Seam Daigon) #54

This stations and other objects appear through this dish, think its from the new shaders.

(Callidus Dux) #55

The ticker is not helpful but not necessary SPAM. Sorry! I will hide this thing as long as it is possible.

(Draconas109) #56

Market ticker is a nice and neat addition, I would like the following to happen to it though:

  • let me customize what’s on it
  • Let me choose what region it looks at
  • Have the minimize button a bit more prominent

(Galaxxis) #57

btw thank you for finally fixing the Cerberus!

(Ptraci) #58

Market tickers haven’t been helpful since the telegraph was replaced by the telephone. News channels haven’t gotten the message yet. And it seems that in New Eden far in the future they have to rely on tech from the 1800’s.

Neat little feature as far as eye candy is concerned. About as useful as an ars…

(Matthias Ancaladron) #59

cant login at all, entire game is bricked. took 8 hours to download all the files for the launcher.

700+ for sisi, 500 for duality, at least 100 for tranq. and verified cache. everything seemed fine but the client never loads character select and just sits locked in a black screen hogging all my bandwidth.

(Tsutomi Sakuma) #60

Market ticker: virtually useless. Could have used those manhours elsewhere, tbh.

(Ryoshu) #61

Market ticker is a good idea - shame the price info is out-of-date and there is no way to customise it to display items players are actually interested in.

I dont want to jump on the CCP-bashing bandwagon but seriously? No one had the idea to add customisation? That lack of imagination is worrying.