September release - General feedback


(Nadia Aidan) #62

Lets go back :hourglass_flowing_sand: to the 2003/2004 version
Then see :eyes: all the complaints and posts about the graphics, playability, fights etc

CCP have done a lot over the years good :trophy:, the bad :no_entry: and the U-turn during stormy times :cloud_with_lightning: but hey we would not have the game without them :sparkler:.

So lets just say thanks :pray: for the game but please make it better and stop adding silly things like the market ticker and fix :wrench: the bugs instead.

(Lee Adaama) #63

To me, the wrecks look like just the same as before. Weren’t they supposed to updated?

(Buoytender Bob) #64

If you look closely they have much better definition and the group contains individual spinning and rotating objects. Worth the effort? Meh. Now the new gun firing effects are great looking…

(Circumstantial Evidence) #65

If someone was explaining that aspect of the update to another person and they heard “wreck objects”… I can understand how one could get confused. “Wrecked” objects in missions were updated. From the patch notes:

…we have revamped all debris structures found in missions giving them a new luster.

(ISD Arooga) #66

The NPE is broken - the camera appears to bug when asked to rotate it.

(Flechette) #67

‘Debris’ is the perfect choice of word here, I can’t see how it would cause any confusion either @_@??

(Jin'taan) #68

The Hysera agent can only give missions in a very small (1 I think) amount of systems in Lowsec, letting you run the missions quickly in a Nyx or other Supercarrier, making dank ISK + LP without having to risk your ship to a huge degree by moving between missions.

(yellow parasol) #69

Is that a “yes, they did farm this agent”, or a “no, they didn’t” ?

(Jin'taan) #70

Yes - not just by Snuffed either.

(Jin'taan) #71

Also, just for clarification for anyone reading, the CSM didn’t bring this up to CCP as it’s not something we really had any expertise on - I was just as confused as you until I poked some Lowsec friends and asked. Seems like a decent enough change I guess, but kind of another kick in the teeth for Lowsec.

(yellow parasol) #72

CCP usually doesn’t address issues directly, and instead tries to fix things by influencing everyone.


People are so deep into this way of thinking, that now there’s a thread about how to counter afk ratting by having mechanics change for everyone. Nothing will get fixed, all will stay the same for the afk ratters, but the rest of the game suffers.

(Plex Itovuo) #73

Thank you for the new features! I agree with previous posters that the new moon books are priced high (but understand that the goo is valuable and I’ll get my isk back quickly). The market ticker is fantastic eye candy!!! A few changes could make it actually useful. The market ticker feature needs movable UI so it can run at the top or bottom of my screen while the Market interface is closed. It also needs to be customizable to show:

  • Buy Price
  • Sell Price
  • % Change
  • % Margin
  • Volume

I also agree with previous posters that the ticker items should be able to toggle between regional vs cluster based prices as well as being items from your Quickbar.

(Krima Sumyungi) #74

CCP development in a nutshell.

So, a constantly updating, constantly animated ( even when hidden ), constantly server pinging on EVERY character in the game, “feature” was expected to not dump FPS into the ground? lol

(Acadia Prime) #75

but do you know what would be cool? If instead of focussing on moon mining or new textures, you fixed massive existing gameplay problems like overpowered WarDecs in high sec.

(Acadia Prime) #76

I’d say that it could have been a good idea, but it’s terribly implemented and visually obnoxious. It’s one of those features that likely sounded good in development but in practice looks nothing like the rest of the interface, and just adds to the clutter.

That’s not even getting started on the lack of customization, the fact that we can’t select what to show, that the data seems outdated at best compared to other sources, and irrelevant to most players (even station traders like me).

I think CCP needs to stop finding solutions to problems that don’t exist, and start focussing on fixing the basic mechanics of their game.

(Jackie Cane) #77

How do I turn off the market ticker?

Nevermind, found the tiny arrow mentioned above.

(Ptraci) #78

If war decs are a problem leave high sec. High sec is a fraction of EVE, and wardecs are a problem only for a fraction of high sec dwellers. I think CCP have their priorities straight in this regard especially considering how simple the “work around” is.

(Daniel Jackson) #79

wait i find news tickers very helpful they provide headlines titles about things going on with out waiting for the news anchors to talk about it, and in eve the ticker is good to see a rough idea of prices at a glance while u arnt particularly thinking about them so that u can judge what you are gonna buy with more thought

(Daniel Jackson) #80

i dont think its possible to fix mechanics people want fixed with out replacing it entirely which will bring up a million billion new errors soo much code relies on each other that makes alot of things just impossible to do with out starting from scratch

(Daniel Jackson) #81

btw on the eve updates for the NPE Improvements it says “will initially be tested among a selection of new accounts over the course of the fall.” does that mean not all accounts are selected and that its random who gets the new features and who dosent?