September Release?

Any update on these new ships promised for September release as stated in Uprising – A Major New Expansion | EVE Online ?

i know we have 2 days left but normally dont see patches other than emergency fixes outside of Tuesdays.

Uprising is a brand-new narrative-driven expansion for EVE Online launching in November, ushering in major improvements to Factional Warfare (FW), introducing a suite of new ships in addition to a plethora of balance changes to existing ships, corporation and alliance logos on your vessels as part of the introduction to heraldry, new visually immersive hangars, and more

Releases in November.
Can’t wait to see those new ships. I hope they won’t be current-ships based but truely new designs because there a quite a few ships that look the same but are supposed to be different ships because of the name and tech.

Sorry forgot to post this in the title.

Trying to see where i can uncover these ships


A player posted that he got aware of new ships from SISI but I don’t get why they didn’t take screenshots.

Information on the event, and links to discussions of what’s been seen about the new ships so far:

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