Everything I think/know about the upcoming event in one page

Greetings fellow Empyreans!

I have been working on my wiki using Notion for several months both for my alliance and for organizing the lore. I was already going to make a section for in game Events both seasonal and one-time and the upcoming pre-expansion event seemed like a great time to try it out!

Here you will find everything I currently know. I will be adding information as things become clearer. If you want to submit fits or the like please do so, I prefer EVEWorkbench links.

Otherwise enjoy. I hope to capture both the in-universe and out-of-universe reasons to engage in this never before given opportunity.

What will the Minmatar learn about the Stellar Transmuters? Will the Caldari and Gallente have shortcuts to the heart of their warzone. The next few weeks, and us Empyreans, will decide.

Special thanks to these threads (and Reddit users) for putting out the information so quickly <3

(The Amarr must be stopped)


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