CoE's Guide to the Shadow War

The Convocation of Empyreans have assembled our growing understanding of the Shadow War Faction event as it is unfolding, and am now making our breakdown available to all!

Support freedom! Support Gallente!



I hate this event. Right now there are only 2 state research nodes and 0 of other sites in all of fw caldaria.

Hard Pass. Gallente are too weak to lead the Galaxy to a new Pinnacle of existence. Caldari or GTFO!

BUT…I do appreciate you compiling information and making it available. lol

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You seem to be well informed, sir.
Can you tell me, what to do with the {faction} Loyalty Tokens?
Description says you can turn them in in the LP store for BPCs or sell them.
Turning them in doesnt work for me

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Yeah the desc is from the last event.

You just sell them to buy orders by the empires at basically all their stations.


How do I get a gift chest?
I have 10 ready-made craft items. But they cannot be handed over at the station.
How to do this?

You head to the Intaki system and on your overview there is a Federal Stellar Research center and Transport Relay Research…both places have a interactable “station” with a cargo option…approach and interact with the structure to turn them in.

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Now, after they changed spawn of event plexes in low, i love it. Its awesome.

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