[September] Upwell Cargo Deposit

I would draw your attention to the second part of my statement:

Admittedly sov null has had this problem, sure, but that’s an entirely different beast, which necessitates the very whitelist/blacklist you’re lambasting as “too much effort”

Which is worthless as that “trust” has already been betrayed and therefore is no indicator for reliability.

Not has had it’s problems. It has always been this way with access management in sov null sec and it is not a different beast: This very feature was imported from sov null sec to high sec and turned into a massive mess.


This is a sad day for eve, #Childproof


I agree, if your getting hunted down with a cargo load, all you have to do is land on the nearest citadel and drop your cargo off.

Yeah Fozzie, Haulers got a really bad deal with those darn citadel scam contracts. I’m glad that they’re finally getting the nerf that was so badly needed. Now we don’t need to be paranoid about accepting courier contracts!


Yeah, it’s going to kinda suck when you are fighting over your citadel and the other side stashes their shiney modules into your citadel to deny you loot.

It will also bypass the CrimeWatch suspect timer and allow looters to scoop stuff directly into the safety of a station without risk.

Edit: Not only that, but it will allow you to secure any loot you gather in enemy space - whether that is from an actual fight, or from say exploration or mining. Just dump it in any structure, even your mortal enemy’s, and asset safety it back to friendly space.


These things should have been thought of before it ever made it to test.

Oh wait, there was a 1000 page thread on this.

How do you want to do that, though? You cannot unfit modules in space unless you bring a Nestor as attacker or defender.

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In highsec I would do it off a neutral Orca, although I guess at that point I could just stash the ship if I had run out the weapons timer. Elsewhere would require a Nestor or a Carrier I guess.

But certainly fleetmates will be able to scoop loot of their fallen comrades and dump it in the structure that they are assaulting.

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They don’t want titans and supers refitting from an endless supply of modules from an astra or fortizar or other structure they can’t dock in. That is why no bi-directional

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People are missing the opportunity here for possible scams that involve pick up from citadels are still going to exist…also if I can deposit stuff into null sec citadels I can now market and compete in places where I didnt have market access too…lots of emergent game play available here now…allowing players to have access to their hangars in null would be awesome as well because cloaky campers awoxers and others would be able to resship without going back to empire…let’s all hope for a further expansion on this

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You will also be able to transfer loot that is greater than your cargo capacity to safety. For example after a freighter kill a frigate will be able to loot it. This is worse than the original problem which was really hauler error.

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Courier scams are the worst kind. All it does it manipulate the mechanics of the game against someones ignorance. Resulting in only taking advantage of new players a single time.

It also prevents people from delivering courier contracts to the vast majority of structures in eve. As you simply cannot trust a structure owner that isn’t you.

Finally all his nonsense talk about it enabling unfair stashing of loot in enemy space is retarded. You can already do this with a mobile depot at a safe spot. If people start abusing the asset safety functionality, allow structure owners to tax it.


Added to the “one more nerf” list.

You are absolutely right man. Taking advantage of new players who want to get into hauling is just DISGUSTING,

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Think you broke the sarcasm meter right there…


Regarding issues with the cargo being bidirectional, modify the interface so instead of moving directly to cargo, it ejects it semi randomly into space.

bi directional, risk vs reward, allows a easy to manipulate lore component.

access should be disabled while the structure is reinforced, however.

This is not the case. The items need to be located in your ship to be able to transfer them to the structure.

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Unless i am mistaken, unless you have market permission you can not sell on a citadels market.

Almost every scam takes advatange of someone’s ignorance. As for it preventing people from delivering contacts to most structures, thats a non issue.