Unload Without Docking

No, it is not some idea that needs to be moved to Player Features, it is about to be real.

On test now: [September] Upwell Cargo Deposit

Summary: You can unload your ship at any upwell station, whether you have access or not WITHOUT DOCKING

I suppose they worked on it because its technology that will be added to some smaller structures where only tethering and cargospaces is possible to use, without docking, like it was mentioned some time ago.

Actually they are doing it to protect haulers from themselves…

It’s a good feature tbh. I doubt you will find too many people saying it’s terrible etc. Hell I don’t have to work out how the hell to give docking access or worse still have my ■■■■ delivered to a NPC station anymore

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And what is this thread about when there is an official feedback thread?

I do not see the problem with this unloading. It is a nice ISK sink if relic bots learn to empty their holds into a structure and then trigger asset safety to low sec. 15% ISK out of the game, which is good. Or some null sec raid storing their stuff in an enemy structure for asset safety or a courier contract with good reward for the people they hunt, or also 15% asset safety tax.

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