[SERIOUS] How would you re-design Highsec if you could?

(Remiel Pollard) #181

It doesn’t have to resemble Elite at all. I’m explaining how it functions IN PRINCIPLE, and explained how it works in Elite in order to clarify its function mechanically.

I, too, am wanted in Elite. There is a 6.2 million credit bounty on my Anaconda, the Argo. It is parked permanently in an independent Anarchy system because it’s wanted in all three of the super powers. I ain’t going to pay it off, because that’s a ship I PVP in. Someone is going to earn that money, or die trying. I am always in open and I am, in fact, currently engaged in the mining CG ongoing right now and not as a PVP’er, but as a miner, because unlike EVE, the mining in that game is actually fun and engaging.

IF you want to play like a pussy in Elite, you have that option there. My idea would implement this system in EVE (and pay attention cuz this is the important part) IN PRINCIPLE with the focus on removing the illusion of safety in high sec and encourage people to do more about their own safety WITH INCENTIVES TO DO SO the way that Elite does it, but without the loopholes that Elite offers to play sometimes entirely without consequence, but still getting the reward for it.

I know what EVE is. I’ve been playing since 2012, I’ve been PVP’ing since '13, and I realise that’s not as long as some people but I assure you, I have no interest in breaking this game. I live in lowsec and honestly don’t give a quarter of a ■■■■ about high sec. If someone came to me, however, and said, “we have your family and we’re going to kill them unless you fix highsec”, then that’s what I’d do, and if you didn’t like it, you’d be more than welcome to quit.

As a side note, Elite does a whole bunch of stuff better than EVE does. EVE does a whole lot more better than Elite does, as well. Let’s not be fanboys and admit that both games can learn lessons from the other. Even if they don’t, though, and they stay as they are, which is probably exactly what’s going to happen, I’m okay with that, and enjoy them both.

(Ildrara) #182

Yeah…been in EVE since 2006 and played elite since 2016.

They need to collaborate.

(Remiel Pollard) #183

Need? It would be beneficial for both, and I’ve even fantasised an Elite/EVE crossover because I’m a total nerd, but I don’t see a need specifically. Definitely understand the sentiment. I drew a picture of a squadron of Taipan fighters in battle with Hobgoblin drones and the Ishkur that launched them a few months back. Just in a sketchbook, nothing fancy. As a point of interest, the Anaconda is 152m long with a 62m beam. It’s bigger than a Rifter. The Cutter and Beluga Liner are even larger again, with the Beluga being as large as some of EVE’s destroyers. Not many people realise this, but EVE’s smaller ships WILL fit inside the mailslot of a Coriolis station.

(Nico Boru) #184

Wardecers dont want to rolfstomp new players. Were not on sisi in carriers 300km off CA1 rolling every single ship that warps in.

The fleet battles and ones who fight back are much more fun. We often talked to those we killed who put up a good fight to see if we could recruit them or if they would agree to a contract to help in their wars. If they were infantile according to their corp history we would tell them what was happening, couple of us would toss 10-50m isk at them with a few pointers and a recruitment speech.

When I was new I fell for suspect bait several times in a vigi. After a couple times one of the vets took me to the side and told me what I was doing wrong. Fit and engaging the sb. Few other times I died I was reimbursed for what I lost by who killed me.

Same as when my little brother started playing. He went wormhole space and was scanned down several times and podded. One guy paid for his astero not long after they came out.

Noobs are not farmed. Stop with the “think of the children” attitude. You lose a couple ships, good, youre learning.

(Jeremiah Saken) #185

I was thinking something different for how to change hisec once.

Remove all differences between security status we have now. Hisec is renamed into empires space. Parts of lowsec is warzone, eternal conflict between empires. Rest of the space is homogenic.

Hisec content stay the same, missions, exploration, DEDs, PI etc.

Rest of space including warzones contain every content from curently hisec (-missions ofc) to nullsec. So conflict drivers are not what are inside the space but rather were space is (for example how close to market hubs). There will be no artifical barriers for new players because content will be everywhere for them.

(Marcus Luttrell Khan) #186

Bumping is the primary strategy for disrupting botters in highsec. Tell me, which is the greater of two evils? Which hurts the game more?

(Nevyn Auscent) #187

That question only works if it’s a binary choice. It’s not a binary choice so that question is irrelevant. Also I highly doubt any significant proportion of bumping is done against bots.
So yeah what’s the word… strawman right? False analogy…

But yeah. No.

(Makavi Madeveda) #188

Well, maybe CCP could get off their ass and put some GM’s in the game who would actually respond to bot sightings and get rid of them. But we know that’s never going to happen because those bots are paying money to CCP every month.

The problem with bumping is trying to excuse the ■■■■■■■■ of just random bumping people for hours for the lulz by playing the “it’s to harrass the botters” card.

(Omnathious Deninard) #189

Comically enough, CONCORD is the reason bumping exists.

(Charley Varrick) #190

Yea I don’t buy that either. There is a hatred from the elite PvPers and bumpers toward anyone who leans toward industry/PVE and they use that as an excuse. They hate PVE play style therefor anyone mining/industry must be botting!

(Black Pedro) #191

Sure. People “hate” a playstyle in a video game. :roll_eyes:

You’ve been spending too much time in that anti-ganking channel. Some players play as predators, and some as prey. Both are intended ways to play the game so there is no need to invent giant conspiracy about why someone would want to attack you.

Botters, bot-aspirants, the ISK-obsessed. It’s all the same. To paraphrase CCP Falcon, some players focus on getting ahead by exploiting the riches of New Eden, and some by exploiting the other players. That’s the nature of the game, and is true even in highsec. Maybe especially in highsec, a place rife with plump industrialists and farmers who have grown fat under the protection of CONCORD.

Bumping is fine. An emergent property of the physics engine that is only useful against the most lazy and unprepared flying the most powerful haulers in the game. Whatever redesign of highsec I came up with would still put the laziest and most unprepared players flying the most powerful ships at most risk just like the current paradigm.

It’s only natural.

(Villiam Kaardanen) #192

i’d like to see High Sec and other sectors of space have a more intertwined economy and life or something.

i dont mind having central market hub systems with trade routes going to them but there’s times i wish there was more short routes trading going on all around the rest of the cluster.

im not sure how much as changed the system after the implementation of structures but i dont think it has done much. just people spamming citadels/engineering complexes near the trade hubs.

i’d like to see individual solar systems growing and doing trading work with the neighbouring systems. not everything should be moved in bulk to the big 5 markets.

in addition, i’d like to see more interaction from the empires, concord and the pirate factions outside of missions. i dont think FOBs, Resource Wars or Mining Fleets covered that. i’d like to see something else, perhaps some randomly generated scenarios.

kinda like Abyssal Deadspace encounters but not instanced, instead, some kind of randomly generated situation in system that beacons up.

right now the only unique stuff going onthat goes close to that is the monthly events and that’s all. you finish it and then there’s nothing to do outside of typical PvE until the next month.

(Marcus Luttrell Khan) #193

If I’m going to bump someone it isn’t going to be a bot. That is unproductive for me because as you stated, CCP doesn’t do a heck of a lot about it anyway. Sure, I might be able to get an alt to scoop some fancy mining drones if i bump a bot off far enough, but that isn’t worth the effort sometimes. Bumps happen for the following 3 reasons, LEGALLY: bumping botters, bumping gank targets, and bumping to ransom. If you can prove that someone is bumping outside of that, it probably IS harassment. But, 99% of the time, you aren’t going to see that. Do I bump? No, but I’d like to try it some time!

(Ildrara) #194

So if a player states that he refuses to pay a ransom and then doesn’t get ganked the player bumping him should be banned?

(Buoytender Bob) #195

While we have both some good and some bad ideas in this thread, I always get a chuckle from the number of non HS players willing to jump in and offer their suggestions to make HS “better”. The same players would have a stroke if the laziest of HS miners would come in and offer their ideas on redesigning NS/LS/WH content and mechanics, but yet they still feel that they alone are playing the game “right”. While any fact and evidence based opinion is worth at least looking at and any changes that break the designers’ intent should be greatly examined, there still remains plenty of wiggle room for quality game mechanic changes that keep the original spirit alive in an economically sound game. However, that will take extra effort and proper gathering of data, plus accurate evaluation of that data by CCP. Their most recent track record tends to make me skeptical to any new quality and content changes in the near future. Hopefully I am wrong.

(Urien Dealien Jita) #196

You just want a risk free griefing mechanic that is all

(Savoycabbage) #197

Once again with the cries of “griefing” and “risk free”.

A couple of days ago, I got jumped by 6 gank talos’s and a falcon on a 2Bil Loki. Reps landed just in time for the rest of my fleet to arrive and dunk the perpetrators - oh, and we were outnumbered, so no “only taking a fight 10-1” here. That’s not risk free. These weren’t CODE gankers, it was an organised attempt by a group we were at war with.

Also, there is only one opinion that matters as to whether wardecs are griefing or not. And that’s not mine or yours, but CCPs. They have explicitly said that wars are not griefing, so please shut the ■■■■ up with this ■■■■

(Makavi Madeveda) #198

CCP’s opinion hasn’t mattered for years, so please shut the ■■■■ up with this ■■■■.

(Marcus Luttrell Khan) #199

If he refuses to pay the ransom he already played a part in the ransom process. So, the bumper can continue to do what he wishes

(Marcus Luttrell Khan) #200

Confirmed the creators of the game don’t matter