[SERIOUS] How would you re-design Highsec if you could?


Having a corp in eve requires isk and friends to aid you if you plan to leave the NPC shelter. As for defense u either ally with some pvp corp or friends or pay mercenaries for defense. Wardec looks fine to me, as no one should be safe in eve. Isk is not enough in eve. Frienships and connections play a big role.

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Yawn, “oh look we disrupted someone, we win” so a petty 5 year old mentality is your only motivation for playing the game? I genuinely pity your lack of depth.

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Generally have no idea what your on about, no point in my post did I say anything like that your just changing my post to fit your anger against us due to 4 deaths in a row.

I pity your lack of knowledge of the mechanics, gameplay, gamestyle and your terrible posting but were all open to opinions.

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Your only sense of enjoyment comes from making people react to your alliance disrupting their game. You very plainly said it.

So, if Kindergarten motivations are all that drives this game, how does it grow? Shall we create a credit card for toddlers?

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Isn’t that what they’re paid to do? If they’re not paid then they’re provided with the means to legally attack angry and abusive people like you. Seems pretty fair to me, and righteous.

What’s most amusing of all is that you seem to be under the impression that you’re part of the ‘good guys’, when in fact you’re quite the opposite. You’re rude, disruptive, aggressive and everything else that tastes bitter.

But, unlike you, I welcome your attitude and play style, it provides more content. You, on the other hand don’t embrace diversity and would have everyone play the same way.

How sad?


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It is, CCP nerfed so much ■■■■ I can’t find people unless they down pipes and even then they nerfed the scan res so I can’t even lock them, even if they in a Battleship they cloaky warp.

There is a reason why I’m playing WoW right now :laughing:

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You did not just say that


Probably allowing JF to jump high sec to high sec.

Why, convenience, gank avoiding, gives people a reason to train higher for this opportunity.

Balance: it can (if trained), mitigate bumping that freighters have no real defense without fielding alts or Corp mates, those in regular freighters would want this ability.

Benefits: isk goes to training, isk goes into buying expensive JF, isk goes into fuel, people will buy/sell more products for JF’s as more are built to meet demand.

Draw back: keep fatigue as it is, obviously if jumping around your ship is already nerfed on jumping too much which means either you must wait out the timer or buy another JF either way it balances itself out.

Give DST the ability to also make jumps like a JF at transport ships lvl 5 but also jump fatigue applies.

(Nico Boru) #230

No. ●●


Somewhere in you there’s a yes tickle, tickle, tickle.

(Rin Vocaloid2) #232

I’ll keep it down to just a few bullet points since I feel high-sec is already close to ok but still needs improvement in certain areas.

  • Overhaul PvP Bounty Hunting. The bounty system in Eve as of right now may not be broken but it’s absolutely useless and only serves to give the bounty head some bragging rights. I literally have a 1B ISK bounty on my industrial character but I don’t feel any sense of worry when I’m hauling my stuff through high-sec. If I don’t feel scared carrying that bounty, then neither will an actual pirate who constantly lives in low-sec with a -10 security status. I would at least recommend implementing an alternative system recommended by Wingspan TT. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rftmAQdq_bg&feature=youtu.be

  • War Decs. It’s still not good. We will never find a perfect system but we can least do better than what we have now. If I were in charge I probably do the same thing CCP Rattati did with Dust 514’s District Battle system and invite all of the alliances (predominantly those of high-sec) to get together to create a think tank of sort to come up with a system that needs testing before implementing. I have no experience with war decs which is why I would consider help from a high-sec based community think tank.

  • Ganking is fine. The problem is that we haven’t been preparing the newbros correctly or at least sufficiently to prepare for surviving and avoiding suicide ganks. If they had known about the tips and tricks of avoiding ganks, which are easy to learn but hard to disseminate to a large number of newbros trying out the game, then they would have been alright and likely would have known how to react to a gank should such a thing happen to them and thus likely would have stayed and continue playing how they like. Too many times we keep kicking the baby birds off the nest before we even tell them to open their wings.

  • Suspect Baiting doesn’t seem to be a problem to me considering that we have the current crimewatch system that introduced the safety. You know, that green light you see at the top left of your ship’s capacitor. Although I’m not sure why the drones are not exactly tied to that same system and instead I just get a red label in the right-click menu.

(Nico Boru) #233

No. No theres not. No jf jumping in highsec.

If youre using a jf you should already have and know how to use an alt to help it along. As well as corpmates you can use to help it along.

As ship sizes go up the more support they need. Cruiser greatly benifits from a tackle frig buddy. BS with cruiser. Up to titans with support fleets.

A jf is no different.

(Nevyn Auscent) #234

Then no jf in null either.
Everyone agrees freighter escorts sucked. And that jfs in null stopped people going crazy.
So why does the argument of “well just escort it” come up constantly when talking about highsec. This is a mechanic that literally everyone hates they are now constantly screaming highsec has to have.

(Andresoni Janau) #235

Yep, play the witty internet meme, nothing matters but your perspective. No matter how much logic you need to ignore, you’ll stay safe and reassured by your own delusions of grandeur.

Insisting that everyone should be forced play in the way you want is inherently toxic. Your experience is not more important than theirs because you’re “hardcore”, in fact, addicts like you are the last people who need to be accommodated, because you’re addicted to inflicting yourself on others within the game’s framework, not the game itself. Accommodating “hardcore” players is great for live streams and the people who watch them, terrible for the general game population. We’ve seen this in countless popular titles, yet you’re unwilling to admit that this mindset creates a bottleneck which severely limits the growth of the game’s population, and therefore limits the growth of new content. Oh well, just keep going on about how special and right you are.

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Where did I say that?

Have you seen my killboard? I think not.

I last logged on a few months ago. I’m hardly addicted.

I haven’t said that at all. I’m all for diversity, you just want to upset people until you get your own way. My four year old used to be like that. I thought she was just demanding, turns out she was constipated.

You mean like I haven’t anywhere, ever? Ok.

You’re a very strange fish.

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“people like you” openly insulting and toxic, yet claims to want the game to grow. Hypocrisy incarnate.

Sorry kid, but appealing to people who want things to stay the same doesn’t result in growth, it results in stagnation.

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LOL, by all means, keep this thread going. I shall bathe in the sweet, rejuvenating essence of your collective tears for eternity…

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One thing CCP did about 10 years ago or so, was they removed a significant number of High Sec gates (for reasons I just don’t remember). For example, you used to be able to jump from Rens to Ryddinjorn. I would like to see many of the old gates added back to the game, and add in some new ones. Reducing the number of gates tended to create very set paths, that really helped campers. Simply giving people options to take less traveled routes (even if 10 jumps out of the way) would help quite a few people. About the war dec thing, I really don’t know, nor have High Sec war decks really bothered me, as they are normally boring and a waste of time. I remember having a war in 2006, where both corps really didn’t like each other, so both sides jumped in PvP ships and went to town on each other. It was a pretty fun fight, but times like that are few and far between…

(Rin Vocaloid2) #240

It would kind of be a moot point to do that if CCP later gives us the tools to build our own stargates.