[SERIOUS] How would you re-design Highsec if you could?

(Hazama akudan) #261

Super highways over high and medium security regions. Basically a new type of highway-jump-gate which takes you trough a protected “jump network”. Nobody can attack there, nobody can target, nobody would even be able to remain there. You dock a 'highway gate" and select the destination. The highway gate warps you to the end point its highway-station.

This is what a new Noob player as me would add to the game. Not for protection, not for hiding. Only to reduce travel times. Having to travel 30+ gates is something which could take an hour depending on the how. Time which you cant combine with real life at times.

(Tater-nuts) #262

Take away 2 Amarr regions and give them to Minny, too much Amarr in high sec.

I would love to see faction regions separated by fw low sec, creating 4 high sec “islands”. The same faction regions could still be connected with high sec routes, ie Lonetrek and The Forge.

Spawn more high sec to high sec wormholes for trade and travel purposes, combined with the above idea.

Ice belts become sigs and Ore anoms go back to being sigs. High sec can be safer, but lets also make it a bit harder.

(Salt Foambreaker) #263

Any time security is increased output from mining and ratting needs to be decreased, otherwise it just becomes a farmers paradise that hoses the rest of the players in the game.

(Saeger1737) #264

I will pay pearl abyss 10 dollars extra a month to be at war with everyone all the time without warning.

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #265

Where it up to me:

  • there would never have been a system level security setting. In most systems, all but totally lawless space, if you were close to the state assets and inner solar system, highsec. Further out, the cops take longer to respond. Even further, they say “forget it kid. You are on your own”. All of that in the same system. Of course I don’t think the structure of the nodes allows that anyway.
  • another thing I would have done different is the way players identify in space and locator agents. There should have been a cost. Every pilot would have an option to turn off their transponder. Turn it off and locator agents (yes I would bring them back) can’t find out where you are. And you don’t appear in local unless you are on grid. The cost? You are suspect to everybody who sees you. Flying about incognito is suspicious.
  • finally, I would have made pirate faction worth more. That is, pirate factions would have their own jump gate networks. That actually fits in the lore too. If you have good faction with a pirate faction, you can use their “secret” jump gates to go from high to low, etc. And the gates would move too but you need faction to know where they are. You can use them to avoid traffic and of course to smuggle drugs.

Those are things I would have done differently but it’s all pipe dream anyway. Legacy system after all. Not that it wasn’t done right the first time. You asked for ideas.

(Nevyn Auscent) #266

Locator agents never left the game. Do you even play?

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #267

There was one? :smiley:

(Ima Wreckyou) #268

I would rename the system “Niarja” to “Narnia”.

There! I just fixed Highsec!

(Dravick Afterthought) #269

Instead of jump-gates we could have giant wardrobes…

(Ima Wreckyou) #270

And shoulder pads, abnormally giant shoulder pads!

(RA1N D33R) #271

Let’s Lowball Every Weeb With Insurance.

(mimi45) #272

From HiSec, would make a quiet harbor where people come to rest and work on economic project. How would I do it? Simply, I would remove all the rats and pirates from HiSec and as soon as the ship was enter in HiSec, all ship weapons would be automatically disabled and be unusable while in HiSec.
In HiSec would just leave a distribution mission and a simple combat mission in the DED space and in the DED space the weapons would be automatically enabled.

Ganking has gone too far
(Capn'JT Kirk) #273

Leave it as is, but make all gates act as bumpers akin to a pinball machine. Separate it into North and South Hi Sec… with 2 mayors. Tora is the North Mayor and Holeysheet is the South mayor…

Every corp is automatically and indefinitely decked for 50% shares held by each mayor.

Bring back Erotica1 reincarnated as The Acid Queen (Tina Turner pre-thunderdome) to be the entire CSM and only acting forum moderator.

Get rid of Concord…

What fun this would be!

(Konstanze Mirshahi) #275

Simple, I’d make it so only players engaged in criminal activity would get bounties placed on them. If that’s unfair, I’d add a mechanism that removes the ability to add more bounty on said player after say one or two weeks of good behavior.

(Dragos Highwind) #277

Some crazy ideas from a newbro.

  • Remove the vast majority of NPC stations, keeping only single stations in a few locations with agents (The empires consolidate their power). Increase the taxes on NPC market to encourage PC market use.
  • Limit the number of Upwell “slots” available in each system.
  • Any upwell that receives a payment pays an automatic tax on profits to the sovereign that controls that system.
  • Add a skill for the number of Upwells their corporation can control at any given time. Preferably less than the max number you can have in a system.
  • Remove the ability for Alpha accounts to deploy Upwell structures or form corporations
  • Upwell structures that enter low-power mode begins to degrade. After x amount of time the structure becomes a neutral destructible wreck. The on-lining cost escalates with time the structure has been in low power.
  • CONCORD will not automatically appear to save attacked players, but will engage if within x range of the attack.
  • CONCORD actively hunts criminals, with a random chance to spawn and attack a negative standing player in High sec base on their standing and the security level.
  • CONCORD can spawn with a special ship that actively tries to decloak hidden criminal ships.
  • Wardec allows corporations to attack without CONCORD standing loss, but the War will end after x amount of damage cost is achieve on either side. This cost correlates to the fee paid in the war declaration.
  • Factions can be hired to assist the defender in Upwell battles. Cost\strength is modified by the corp standing with said faction and response time/strength is modified by distance from their sovereign territory.

This kinda goes outside of the realm of just Highsec changes, but most everyone can agree that not a single change can fix Highsec vs lowsec/null

(Sitting Bull Lakota) #278

Make NPC corps vulnerable to wardecs. Bring back watchlists. Make wardecs dirt cheap. Remove all barriers to who can be targeted for wardecs and who can initiate them.
Allow individual players to sign on with defenders without involving their corp/alliance.

Allow faction warfare players to attack players in opposing faction’s NPC corps with only faction police response. No CONCORD response. Allow players to join faction warfare regardless of what corp/alliance they are in unless that corp/alliance is already in faction warfare.
Make it so that faction police do not chase -5 players. Let them fly real ships in highsec, and let other players have a real shot at them.

(Aiko Danuja) #279

I would completely remove concord and faction police from the game. It should be up to the players to determine laws and maintain their own security.

(Race Bannon2018) #280

South eh?

(Maekchu) #281

I would instead, leave the concord and faction police in the rookie systems. These systems would always be highsec. Maybe increase rookie systems to be a constellation or something, instead of single systems.

Then the rest of highsec I would have go lowsec and there would be some form of sov system to turn your lowsec systems to high. So in order to gain the safety of highsec, one would have to help concord gain control of the system from a pirate faction.

Maybe tie the PvE/missioning system to it somehow.

(Nevyn Auscent) #282

Rigged system. You would kill EVE with this since it would all end up lowsec in the end. CCP know this, high sec is needed for EVE to be healthy.