Serious question - Reason for views regarding imperium

So I’m out of the loop - started eve back in 2012, but didn’t really get into it until roughly 2014 and just got back into the game again roughly three months ago. Because of that I’m lacking a lot of information regarding events and overall views towards The Imperium to understand the why

That’s why I’m here making this post, hoping to get some insight as to why they get brought up so much when balance passes and such are discussed, and why so many are preferring to have CCP do things to affect them (and inadvertently others in the game).

They are just the biggest fish in the pond.

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As a member of the imperium I can tell you that this is by far the most welcome I’ve ever felt in the respect of the community we have , the guys and girls are solid and will always have your back

People hate on goons maybe because of the past when they were scamming a lot , but that’s part of eve , so looking in from the outside the hate is real

But from the inside looking out we just don’t give a monkeys , because we know we’re awesome

OWNED is recruiting btw
Oh and I think karma fleet is also :grinning::+1:

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Its not because they are “big” or “powerful” like many of their alts will try to get people to think here. Its the way goons (imperium) does things.

For example here on the forums and in their public releases they heavily apply “propaganda” to their claims. they like to spin off their ego, and when anyone suggests anything against them they outright band together to stop those types of changes from happening.

CCP claims neutrality, but the truth is with out goons eve will be in a very bad place in terms of the position of CCP as a company (and not making money) that will result in lots of firings at ccp and less content which is not really good for eve either.

CCP has to deal with it for now until they get more people then they can do something about it.

This is one of the many reasons why people do not like goons. Others include the fact that most of the scammers in game are goons or good affiliates. Before they existed as an entity, eve did not have these things in most cases people had decency not to do these sorts of things and it was rare to hear of corp theft etc).

Goons / imperium are a bane to this game and have in a long history abused and enslave a large amount of the population in this game with insane null-tax rates to be “their allies” which ha shelped in them gaining the power they do have (they do have it, but they are by no means “the most powerful” the truth is war is more then just ships or economics and one of the biggest problems goons has is their lack of strategic micro and macro game play. this has always been a big problem for them and has often resulted in them and allies losing a lot of assets (which further makes them hated) even while goons watch from the side lines.

Iv vbeen here since 2003, i can tell you these things are factual with out a doubt, do not ever trust anyone that comes to you saying “goons are good” and “goods are great” (or some variation of that) infact you can find videos online of leaders like mitten claiming they are the villain and love being hated.

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