Server reset

People who think of a Server Reset mostly don’t seem to understand what that means.
In EVE ONLINE it’s a bit more complicated compared to all the simpler,
more straight forward games.

The day the server is “re set” back to zero …
… is going to be the day when most of you quit.

It means that nothing is being seeded anymore.
It means that you have to mine everything.
It means you can’t use Rorquals to mine,
because that would be hilariously broken.

It means that all of those with social bonds will just form up together again,
meaning that there is no equalisation of power happening. The goons will
still own their spot in nullsec, simply because they can.

The biggest groups with thus the most mining power will mine themselves to the top.

Resetting EVE ONLINE would make this a game for pioneers again …
… and most of you really aren’t pioneers, you’re just consumers …
… and because being a pioneer means actual work
… most of you people, who have this delusionally romantic idea about a “re set” …
… will leave until others have done the work for you.


Resetting the server might be a good idea afterall.
Next time we can make sure you’ll never again get a foothold in EVE ONLINE.

What would be the reasoning to do it? I cant think of one that would justify it.

To get other people a chance? If you dont take chances you wont succeed - so a reset still wont get you the results you want if you are not willing to put in the work or take the risks?

Get everyones SP on the same page? This is ignorance. SP are one aspect of the game but not the defining win / lose button people make it out to be. Most Skill points above 60 Mil are in other areas besides sub capital combat.

I could go on but there is no good reason I can think of to justify it and I believe CCP would lose a lot of players. I for one would stop playing as there would be no incentive for me to keep playing when all that will happen is ill get reset when a millennial snowflake complains. Not that you are that snowflake - just this is on par with that generations thinking in a majority.

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I think resetting the server would be one of the worst things that could happen to EVE Online, second only to a server shut-down. What would really be the point of it? You think “old players” have an insurmountable head-start? You think that starting later is somehow unfair? I started Eve way-way late, created the character in 2017 and only started playing in 2018, so barely two years of game-play. I enjoyed the game and so far got at 10,927 all-time rank / 266 recent rank, while gathering a decent 127 billion ISK wealth. And I imagine that there are recent players that have even better success than me. I didn’t find it hard, I actually had fun, enjoyed it and once I got the hang of it, I barely ever felt overwhelmed by any other player. So no, a reset is not needed. It would only hurt the sandbox.

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While a server reset would remove all my SP and assets the 11+ years of experience I’ve gained is something that can’t be taken away or compensated for by a new player, even if they spent a lot of real money to buy PLEX for skill injectors. The primary reason the OP stated as a goal for a reset would therefore be null and void.