Server reset

I’ll leave that to you to start it. Chances are I’ll have a rum and cola the size of Cleveland in my by the time I get around to it and things might not go well.


Why bother making this thread then if you agree?

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You could just twitter Hilmar.
It’s the quickest and easiest way of getting an answer.

Spoiler: He’ll say “No.”

What’s interesting about this is how you somehow believe that CCP Falcon has anything to do with this, instead of assuming that he closed the thread simply because it was stupid. Like, really. How you can believe that anyone would ever consider this to be a good idea is absolutely beyond me.

In fact, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may Bob have mercy on your soul when The Undertaker throws Mankind off Hell In A Cell, where Epstein didn’t kill himself, plummeting 16 ft through an announcer’s table.


nope alot of people that complain quit and keep coming back, the only thing to get rid of bitterness is Forgive yourself and others.

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giving out free daily skill points just to have the server reset doesnt quite make much sense


Just don’t believe me then I guess.

ill agree on a assets wipe but not my SP, ive spent 14 years constantly training to reach my point and recently sold a large portion of my hanger to acquire the last skill in the game that usually sits on market around 50-60b dropped to 18b

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Why would they reset and throw away everyone’s work and the entire community of EVE. That would be an idiotic idea.


Hahaha, do you not read the eve forums, I’ve put a few of those up myself :crazy_face:

This is why making new space where you can’t take ISK with you and would be wise not to take a lot of SP because permadeath would be the better compromise. People who want that reset feel could go play in the “Badlands” or whatever it could be called and try to stake out an existence there. By what mechanics, rules, and such etc. I could not know because this discussion is academic and high on the list of “not going to happen” anyway.

Heck for years I asked for “Bug Ships” that needed corpses just because I thought that would be cool but did I ever get that? No. At least Santa Claus leaves a valuable energy commodity in my stocking every year.

Seriously. Imagine a living ship that feeds on corpses and maybe even planets (imagine what you can do to PI and siphoning) would have been the bomb!

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I like my items and character progression.
No server reset.

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Reading this, I wonder how I was able to play the game at all when I started… back in 2010, where there were lots of people already with 7 years of sp ahead of me.

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I could imagine some sort of seasons, like in other online games.

Maybe some sort of faction warfare in a new region for 6 or 12 months. With ladders, achievements, in-game killboards and stuff like this. Ship progression limited up to cruisers for example. Skill training much quicker or based on experience.

Special modules and ships, which will be transferred to TQ at the end of the season. Hall of Fame for each season. But all of this would be a massive amount of work, so I don’t think it will happen.


Because I would like to know if CCP’s stance of this has changed with Falcon gone. Lack on response and no thread lock from CCP makes me think it did, and I’m downright speculating that there are people at CCP who proposed such an idea to Hilmar in what might the straw that broke Falcon’s back.

Why? People do not like to see all they have worked for go right down the tubes via Dev fiat. This is the dumbest idea. All that time one has spent building up ISK, skill points, reputation, etc. is all wiped out.

Sure you could point to the sunk cost fallacy, but you have to remember costs are only sunk once a player decides to sink them. If CCP comes along and wipes everything out after years of hard work…existing players may not be interested in spending years rebuilding because it could all be wiped out by Dev fiat.

The problem is most players are idiots when it comes to how EVE works who make this argument. Sure, another player group can come along and try to kick over your sand castle, but that is fundamentally different if Devs do it. You can fight back against other players, you cannot fight against the Devs. Trying to draw an equivalence is the mark of a moron. The Devs wiping the server would be very drastic. I’d be much less interested in rebuilding what I have. And groups of players probably even less so.

Seriously, stop it with this utterly stupid and moronic nonsense. In fact, just stop posting and biomass that character so you no longer have the stench of this totally stupid idea wafting around your posts.


I remember there were people who were glad they will start anew in some other thread about server reset. Ultimately everyone may speak for themselves only, as opinion varies. Some people dont have anything against the inventory reset, but leaving SP like it is. I dont have anything against that form of reset honestly.
The issue may arise when people think about resetting PLEX and SKINS, as these would feel like losing the real money they invested. The downsides of microtransaction model CCP developed and implemented.

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Actually it’s not about just losing the virtual items acquired within the game, it’s more about losing all the time and money that was invested to acquire those items.

Brother, I don’t think you’ve thought that out all the way. If CCP shuts down the server then that hurts everybody, including the CCP employees.

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If so, why so many people left CCP in recent years? In just last few months two very popular CCP employees left the company. In few more years, unless most Koreans stay, there will be not enough players to make keeping EVE alive profitable and CCP is already in the bottom tier when it comes to salaries in video game industry. I’m betting that at least half the people still remaining are already looking for new jobs. Nobody wants to stay aboard a sinking ship.

Employee’s have been leaving CCP ever since the Summer Of Rage in 2011. Granted it doesn’t look good when a company downsizes, closes down offices and lay’s off massive amounts of employees but with advances in technology, maybe most of those employees weren’t needed anymore. As for most recently, I believe CCP Seagull decided to go back home and raise her family, CCP Guard said he had better job prospect and nobody really knows why Falcon left.

As for the company itself, CCP is now owned by Pearl Abyss and they probably have lot’s of employees available to continue working on Eve. Personally I don’t think there’s anything to really worry about right now, the game is still alive and kicking and should be good for the next couple of years. Course there is no guarantee and they could shut down the server tomorrow, no need to worry about that, if it happens, oh well…

Anyway, as for this thread topic, I don’t see a server reset doing any good, that will just make even more players leave which would definitely hurt the game.

People who think of a Server Reset mostly don’t seem to understand what that means.
In EVE ONLINE it’s a bit more complicated compared to all the simpler,
more straight forward games.

The day the server is “re set” back to zero …
… is going to be the day when most of you quit.

It means that nothing is being seeded anymore.
It means that you have to mine everything.
It means you can’t use Rorquals to mine,
because that would be hilariously broken.

It means that all of those with social bonds will just form up together again,
meaning that there is no equalisation of power happening. The goons will
still own their spot in nullsec, simply because they can.

The biggest groups with thus the most mining power will mine themselves to the top.

Resetting EVE ONLINE would make this a game for pioneers again …
… and most of you really aren’t pioneers, you’re just consumers …
… and because being a pioneer means actual work
… most of you people, who have this delusionally romantic idea about a “re set” …
… will leave until others have done the work for you.


Resetting the server might be a good idea afterall.
Next time we can make sure you’ll never again get a foothold in EVE ONLINE.