Server stability?

Is server ok been? getting alot of Connection lost to the server when going afk 5-10 mins.

me to
all day, sever seems to be unstable

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It probably forgot to take it’s meds.


Shah, you should know that it’s just the hamsters getting tired

Can confirm many disconnects. Never had as many before as I’m having now.

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Rock solid for me. TQ itself is fine. Issue is somewhere on the path connecting you to the server. Alas, there are no quality of service guarantees on the Internet.

Could be, but not I’m not 100% sure about this. Sometimes I’ll have 2-3 accounts logged in, and 1-2 of them will disconnect, but the other 1-2 won’t. And locally, my connection is rock-solid; gigabit with 100% up-time.

Maybe CCP’s new DDoS protection is the cause.

After midnight (MST) I am noticing a higher level of disconnects.
That’s it though. Before then it is fine. I think its Russian players flooding with their multiboxes of a bajillion rookie ships for hi-sec suiciding personally.

The server is just as stable and reliable as the British government, which is also located in London.

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not the server - the world getting ddos’d today.

UDP reflection amplification, and people sitll wonder why they need firewalls to DROP when in public zones

Sounds like they need some POWERTHIRST

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