[Service] [Dead] Code against Ganking - Closed 05/12/22 - Step by Step to a safer Highsec

Nullsec did not become more secure because of NEAR2 or because of local chat alone, it became less unsafe because of intel chats. It is a community task to make highsec safer that I cannot take over with a tool alone.

The tool alone is not usefull alone BUT (as i wrote on my webpage) it is a first step.

Lets jump 10 months ahead, there is a discount for active users of the already existing Ganking Intel Channel. The current Intel users can recognise Gankers at first sight and the discount has increased the number of Intel users.

So what’s my place #?

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holding my breath

Well, you may rather ask me again in 10 months when you have more than just an idea to show. Right?

I am asking for people for a pre alpha, 90% of the coding is done it only needs to finetune.

This is far more then a idea right now :slight_smile: And like i said

I am providing a step, the rest in on you guys.

Ok, but what place # am I?

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For the love of God tell Aiko she No:1 , that way we can all move on


I’m #1??

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I see people crapping on this dude but wasn’t James reason behind ganking to get people to do stuff, I think he’s done pretty good that he’s actually not afking on an orca
Unless I’m wrong

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Such innocence is touching…

Nope, it was for fun and profit. Mostly for profit.

Well I think mainly it was to encourage the people who are afk mining to maybe stop afk mining and do something more productive with their life

Something more productive for the gankers. Indeed.

Aaaarrgg is right now number #1

I’m #1 !!!

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This aiko RP is something lemme tell you. Lol.

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Because how much you posted in this thread I’m starting to consider those possibilities:

  • You are afraid this tool can actually work and ruin your business
  • it really is some form of scam and you are behind it

Off course, some would say that you are just trolling. But I don’t think you just troll.

I don’t know what you are taking about.


Some would say I’m just trolling.

Let’s talk about the subject of the thread, this “ganker Standing list”. Would you utilize it?

No, I would not.

Can you write the same thing for afk miners? I want to know how often certain people have been killed and standings should be set according to that so I can kill them some more.

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