[Service] [Dead] Code against Ganking - Closed 05/12/22 - Step by Step to a safer Highsec

Right now are only three people “behind” this project, you can find them on the website:
CaG | About (Scroll down to meet the team)

Interesting, checking it out

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Would be interesting to see heat maps of activity.

hm… haven’t done anything like that… yet

i will add it to my list, mabe in future

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Stopped reading there.
Good luck with that. It will not work the game mechanics and the mentality of New Eden are stacked against you do not waste your time.

The fact someone told you it wont work is the only reason you need to do it.



Just updated the Main Post, since Public BETA is starting soon.

All participants of Alpha Testing will get free Access to this service forever! (or until i win EVE ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯ )

If you have qestions, concerns or anything, will do my best to answer everything!

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You can’t even manage to put a blog together. The about says nothing about what this actually is. And your “outcome” section is just a copy paste of the intro.

This is a scam.

He is a ganker, trying to get a list of names of people who don’t want to be ganked.

What?!! There is people wanting to be ganked? :thinking:

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I mean… still at leas get a blog put together

Yep, thats right :slight_smile: Copy Paste Fail.

I haven’t pushed the new update on the server yet, but this will include the frontend update.

Thank you for your Feedback!

Edit: My Main Prio during Alpha and Beta isn’t really frontend. I hope you can understand that.

Some people called me out “Scammer”, “You don’t have this data.” and “Mimimimi”.

I thought it is time to release some graphs about the latest month.

Top 3 Gankers

  • image brainlet - Goonswarm Federation - 1219 Detected Ganks
    This Dude Smartbombed his Co-Gankers before they even started shooting

  • image Shilliam Watner - Novus Ordo. - 370 detected Ganks

  • image Aiko Danuja - Safety. - 259 Detected Ganks

Most Dangerous Ganking Corporation
(Detected Ganks / Membercount Total / Active Gankers)

Most Dangerous Ganking Alliance
(Detected Ganks / Membercount Total / Active Gankers)

  • image Safety. - Threat Level 146 - 1375 detected Ganks -

Top 3 Systems

  • Uedama - 2244 Ganks
  • Jita - 982 Ganks
  • Perimeter - 481 Ganks

Total Ganks Time

Total Ganks on Weekdays

Total Ganks Detected: 8758
Total ISK dropped or destroyed (including Ships): ISK
Total ISK dropped: 1.392.313.026.541 ISK


Theres only one problem with this patented Gank Detector.

It only detects ganks.

Anything else in mind?

Ill give you 35 cents for it

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And just plain ineffective. Don’t forget that.

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I wish I could write software that just copies data from another source:

Sooooo according to zKill only 20 Ganks happend in the latest 24 hours. I found 143 ganks in the last 24 hours. I detected 715% more ganks then zKill.