[SERVICE] EVE SeAT / Alliance Auth / Pathfinder/ Tripwire / Server hosting for isk - corporation/Alliance management

Alliance Auth - Moon Mining (fully setup) & Structures Plugin.
Enjoy the server!

Taking on more orders,

TS3, AUTH and pathfinder just set up for latest client!

Taking on more clients :slight_smile:

Join our discord or contact me in-game

I am looking into this for my corporation. i will message u.
*** edit:
we are in the process of setting this up will leave a good review after services rendered, i know we are having some delays with the customer service of the companies, so far the process has been pleasant professional and I currently highly recommend even though it isn’t a fully completed transaction as of yet, thats the current update.

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Did a wonderful job setting up my pathfinder. Less than an hour and it was good to go. Gave good tips on VPS hosting and easy step by step help along the way. 10/10 Highly recommend.


Now offering server hosting packages for isk.
Use your in game currency to rent a server.
Contact us on discord now to arrange your server today!

Taking on more order!

  • Added server hosting for monthly isk cost, enquire today :slight_smile:

Taking on orders.

sent me a igmail please so we can have a confo

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Taking on more orders!

Thank you for the recent orders, hope you all enjoy the new server :slight_smile:

Just finished up setting up a corporation Pathfinder with this service, and couldn’t be happier. If you’re not a Linux user or IT/Networking professional, rather than spend hours digging through troubleshooting guides, spend the isk and save yourself the headache.

He helped me pick out the correct service providers, lined me up with the right package for my needs, and answered all my questions along the way. The only command prompt windows I had to look at were the occasional screenshots I received as a status update. It took less than an hour from when I handed off the info he needed until I was signed in and using the service.

If we ever need further IT systems set up at a reasonable rate, I’ll be returning for sure.

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A few setup this past week, hope you all enjoy your services!

Taking on more orders :slight_smile:

Thank you for the recent orders, will be taking more orders!

This guy is the fuckin best. Hes helped for the last few months. He fuckin rocks!

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Thank you for recent orders!

Taking on more orders. Join our Discord for more info…

1 More VPS available for those wishing to rent a server with ISK.

Ideal for Auth/SeAT AND Pathfinder.

Tripwire will be stopping public servers!

If you require a Tripwire setup dont hesitate to contact me on discord

Tripwire set up and ready to go, thank you for the recent orders!

Taking on more requests.
Tripwire: Remember the public hosted tripwire ends on the 30th June. Get your private tripwire server set up now :slight_smile:

Need our services, contact us here:

More servers now available!

With tripwire closing their public servers, we are offering a 20% discount to install a private hosted tripwire site!