[Service] Evelity, an investment management firm

(Lydia Ettel) #1

Evelity is a investment management firm built at the
intersection of financial theory and practical application.
We invest on behalf of our clients — want to make some isk? check out Evelity.

Eveilty is basically a headgefund. You send us isk and we use it to invest. Evelity guarantee 5% profits every week.

For example, you send Evelity 50miliion on Tuesday. We use this money to invest and we give you your money + 5% back next Tuesday. We both win, you make 5% per week and we get to keep the extra money we get from investing. 5% is a large sum of money.


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(Ptraci) #3

How about you deposit 100m into my wallet and I’ll give you back your money plus 10% next week, guaranteed!

I wish you every success in your venture.

(Cista2) #4

No it’s not.

(Tipa Riot) #5

When I’m using one of the services offered in Jita local I can get my ISK doubled in seconds, 5% per week is really not attractive.

(Athena Machina) #6

There used to be a time when people put in a lot of effort into their scams. We’re clearly near the low-effort, no common sense era of scams now.

(Lydia Ettel) #7

It is though. You’re just used to unrealistic numbers

(Jeronica) #8


(Ptraci) #9

Bit of an oxymoron that. If the numbers are unrealistic, and yet I get them so frequently that I have become used to them - perhaps it’s YOU who is unrealistic?

I guess it’s easy to go through life thinking everyone who disagrees with you is wrong. Age has taught me that a lot of the times I thought other people were wrong they were actually right only I didn’t have the complete information.

(Art Vandolay) #10

…So you are running a bond that guarantees 20% a month returns.

Can we see some of your financial background? Similar returns on your own ISK?

Do you have a https://www.eve-mogul.com/ account that we can look at?

Surely you wouldn’t just come to the historical MD forums and propose 20% returns without agreeing to a formal audit.

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