Wallecctro´s Private Banking (comission-based)

Greetings capsuleer o/

After investing my 70 bil ISK (what i had cash) several times in a short period and now long time i am the opposite of poor.

But i am quite bored as beeing space-rich (med-term even more) but quite invested.

Nothing to do but waiting for fleets.

So, investing is fun. As i think. Why not specialize on it.

And you fill your hangar and get wealthier.


You have some (more) money. Me having time and beeing online.

Way to go:

you have to tell or indicate me an amount, time period and effort you want to invest with your ISK.

Steps then:

  1. you indicate,

  2. I think,

  3. if, and only if i find something … (and you are not quite a kind of gangster),

  4. you get investing (or market) ideas from me.

My Bussiness-founding-offer: a commission of 2% of the invested amount of ISK.

Minimum comission is 100.000.000 ISK. So you have to want to invest a minimum of 5 billion ISK.


  • 20 years of bank (real life) counseling in shares, investments and markets.

  • had a buy-up service for a whole region

  • traded (felt) every market in my 5 Year EVE-career.

Preferred way of communication: EVE-mail. (Never cleared one.)

You can reply here if you have questions, are satisfied or disappointed. Maybe ya even want to publish my ideas?


Wallecctro Firearrow


First job to do … selling a Fortizar BPO for a customer.

thats what i do: http://prntscr.com/p1ymwk

Hey look everyone it’s a Jita scam on the forums. Its hilarious.


@Sebat Hadah:
i am a trader: http://prntscr.com/p3hxfo and invested.
i am not a bad trader: http://prntscr.com/p3im8k
and at the moment of the post i was bored.

First job successfully finished. Fortizar BPO sold.

Will soon get 100 bil for Investing … CCP please dont lock account. Thanks.
No lock thanks…
http://prntscr.com/p61mel http://prntscr.com/p61mu4 http://prntscr.com/p61n6x

You all bought PLEX when it was 3.300.000?

I dont get it,
what are u offering and what do we have to do?

Hi Mr. @Mas0ny1_P,
you just have to mail me you want to earn money …
About the rest we will talk …
o/ :slightly_smiling_face:

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What is the minimum investment, and what is the estimated time for returns?

Me and F3ND1MUS had an email conversation.

I asked a question and received an answer quickly via Evemail.

Im not investing due to having my own business operation costs to maintain, perhaps in the future.


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Just set bounty on someone who made me break a package. Sold a Prometheus for it.
And another bounty on his main as he placed 100 k bounty on me.

I have no idea how this is relevant to your banking business.
I would gladly take a high bounty as it makes you space famous.

@F3ND1MUS guessing hes not only flying Jump Freighters on his alt but also Capials on his main :wink:

An he LIKEs pvp … me too :wink:

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