35B Uncollateralized

Need 35B
No collateral
15% monthly
Increments of 1B only

Edit: Payouts increased


good luck, character born yesterday, no background, no collat asking for 35b at a rate that only trusted people would get.

1 snowflake with a budget ticket through hell.

Sorry to be harsh but you are just asking to get torn apart doing this. get in excess of 35b collateral and you will fill this, otherwise you might as well remove the post.
Unless ofcourse a silent alt of yours fills it.

You can try this in Jita. Here, you will be called a scammer.

You can always send me 17,5B, i may double it though :slight_smile:

I am a very trustworthy and reputable investor. I have made many large collateralized loans in the past, and I have many people who would vouch for me. Unfortunately, they’re all busy right now

I belive what I can check. And this does not speak in your favor: https://forums.eveonline.com/u/helpmeimpoor

You can of course post here with your character which is

if thats the case post with your main instead of the alt you made yesterday char DOB: 2019/06/18 01:45

I don’t understand. Main? Alt? I just need isk, please send

lol poor troll attempt

Troll? I don’t want troll, I just want isk

I mean I already have you blocked in game for scamming in Jita local so…


No scam, honest business

Case is closed.
@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode please lock this thread.

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