[SERVICE] Faction Warfare Frigate Contracts!

Do you want to get into the fight faster? Don’t want to fly all the way to Jita for a frigate?

Stop by the Nourvukaiken - ARMUP Contract Central Citadel and grab a FW frigate at a reasonable price close to the fight!

At ARMUP we are always looking for ways to get you back into PVP faster. Currently we offer Merlins and Comets for reships but we will be expanding soon to include all popular Faction Warfare Frigates!

If you have ship request, please post it into this thread and we will consider adding your request!

As always fly dangerous and have fun

Contracts still Available and New ones will be going up soon!

Contracts still Available in Nourvukaiken and new contracts going up in the next 24 hours!

Weekly Bump

Is this service still up? I’m not sure if I’d use it yet, but since this post is about 2mos old, I’m curious to hear how/if it’s been working out.

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