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So I have been doing this for a while now, mostly advertising in Jita then doing PvP until the ships get blown up rinse and repeat. A friend said I should put this on the forums for more visibility so here you all go.


Send 50m ISK for a PvP story! Sponsor a ship and get the story you helped begin! Learn of all the adventures from the birth to the death of your sponsored ship in story format. Some may take longer than others depending on when it dies in a fire!

Any donations beyond the 50m will be used for the same purpose, but will just involve more expensive ships. I try to keep this at a lower 50m to keep the barrier of entry for people who want stories rather low. Thanks to everyone who helps keep the creative side of a struggling writer alive. Ship donations are always accepted and will be used for PvP.

I limit the amount of active adventures so I can ensure I am able to get the stories done in a timely manner. The stories serve as both a record of my adventures and a fun read for my audience, whomever that may be. I use to write for EvE News24 while I lived in null sec space, however the small daily adventures I go on now really are not worthy of a big news article. So if you don’t PvP, but want a taste of what the life is like this is a perfect way to get your feet wet without getting your hands dirty.

Current Sponsored Ships

#1 Abby Hilanen - Bifrost (Purchased 2019.07.12) - STATUS: Alive - KILLS: 1
#2 Akasha Thorne - Svipul (Purchased 2019.07.12) - STATUS: Alive
#3 Kyra Venalia - Sabre (Purchased 2019.07.12) - STATUS: Alive - KILLS: 7
#10 OPEN

Sponsor with most kills to date: Kyra Venalia - 7

Please send all donations to Sunbeam Diesel, and I thank you for your sponsorship.

Sample Recent Story:

From: Sunbeam Diesel
Sent: 2019.08.01 18:56
To: Kyra Venalia,


Well I got up early (5:30am) to join an operation which comprised three wormhole groups, Odin’s Call, Hole Control, and Holesale Operations. At this time the fleet was 154 pilots strong consisting of mostly Leshaks, Guardians, Nestors, and support ships like my little Sabre. We split the fleet in two due to mass limitations and the fact the op hole had two entrances at the time we formed. We crammed the full fleets through simultaneously and quickly took hole control and began bashing structures. During this initial invasion there were a few kills including this Tengu.

Our forces setup a few POS and citadels to base from following us reinforcing the last structure in system. Additional deep space transports were flown into system with supplies to continue the assault. Players were assigned to fit ships and hand them out to pilots who died on the field. Hole control was maintained 24 hours a day to avoid any more enemies getting into the op hole.

The structure timers went uncontested until day two where the enemy forces undocked a large capital fleet on the Fortizar we had engaged. We initially began screening off fighters and killing them, however the incoming DPS was enough to alpha our Leshaks off the field. Since we were unable to hold the field the call was made to withdrawal from the op hole. We lost hole control and another wormhole group came to backup the French corporation. With over 500 players in the hole things were just too hot. We waited a day then extracted most of the fleet. To this day there are still a few players waiting to leave.
Final Battle Report

Your sponsored Sabre made it back to our wormhole today and is now ready for the next adventure! As of now your sponsored ship has the highest number of kills!



Saved for Q & A

Bump for new stories!

Current ships will be used this coming weekend. Any new ship sponsors from now until Monday may not see use due to logistics issues. Looking forward to the next adventure!

Got some fights coming up so looking to using some sponsor ships over the next few days.

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