[SERVICE] Jita Real Estate Brokerage: We Buy Your Citadels!


I’m trying to offer a service which might help anyone that has abandoned citadel(s).

We, Jita Real Estate Brokerage are buying citadels located in high-sec, preferably the unfitted ones without modules and fuel (we don’t buy rigs)

Please check our offers from our website.

Price is negotiable depending on the location of the citadels, just like any other real estate and property businesses.

If you don’t feel secure with direct transfer of ownership, I would recommend using a 3rd party broker service that you can find in this forum to facilitate the transfer, whichever you prefer. I will even pay for the fee.

I will only accept medium structures for now, but I’m already planning to accept large structures in the next few months.

Looking forward for any business opportunities. Let us help you to get rid of your abandoned structures!

Best regards,
Chiharu Uemura

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