[WTB] Unwanted High Security Space Citadels - Cohenberg Real Estate

(Sergei Cohenberg) #1

Citadels are a nice new feature that allows the players to make their own little space home. With just a quick stop to a trade hub you can set up your own base for your corp or alliance to use for whatever purpose. Unfortunately with time, something might happen and the citadel gets used less and less. Eventually it’s just a decrepit space shack… If you keep it anchored it risks being lost in a war. If you unanchor it you have to wait a week to loot it and you still have to lug it all the way to a trade hub. What a drag, right?

Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about that old run down citadel of yours going unused in space anymore. With Cohenberg Real Estate you can sell any citadel in high security space to me for 90% of Jita sell price. Yes you just read that right, I will buy your citadel for 90% of its Jita sell price. I will buy any and all citadels that YOU do not need anymore. Does it matter if its a rinky dink raitaru? I’ll buy it. Would a sotiyo be too expensive? I can afford that. With Cohenberg Real Estate, you can sleep soundly knowing that your citadel is worth more liquid isk than you thought.

The Cohenberg Brand is a brand that the entirety of New Eden can depend on. It’s been built off the trust that I’ve earned from my customers, the code of ethics that this outstanding real estate agent abides by, and the legacy of the Cohenberg name. I’ve been selling and buying citadels for decades now. Cohenberg Real Estate is the real estate agency that you can trust.

For those interested in selling their citadel to me, please shoot me a mail in game and I’ll punch a date into my calender to get that transaction going. Don’t let that smelly old station go to waste and liquidate that fortizar to buy a new officer fit tengu today

Sergei Cohenberg is a scammer
(Franky Jaeger) #2

This man is the embodiment of efficiency and dependability. I can wholeheartedly vouch for him.

(Arkitektite) #3

Don’t really play this game anymore so I sold 3 of my astrahaus to this guy. Zero problems, would 100% sell to again

(Fart Boner) #4

Sold him my asshouse. No problems. Thanks.


(Rollerskater) #5

Nothing fishy, reliable and prompt.

(Samsa) #6

I sold him a Fortizar which I found in a freighter the other day. He was friendly, guiding me carefully through the process and kept his word. Thanks again!

(Lola McStuffin) #7

Wow amazing service. I never thought it would be so fast and easy. 0 messing around and even gave me a little bonus! Thank you so much.

(Haufenauf'mBauch Nussmantel) #8

Very guter serive, jaa. Ich würde again selling Zitadellen ja.

(FRNKMS ASMRIndian HeadMassages) #9

chill transaction bruh

(NE RD) #10

We had a citadel near our zone of operations in low security space. As we progressed to dominate the local dwellers, I decieded to move to low security space once and for all and abandon our staging citadel in high security space.
The Cohenberg group offered its service which I gladly accepted, - to no disappoinment.

Now with the weight off our shoulders we will continue to strike fear into our foes hearts and minds, - thanks to the ethical Cohenberg group.

Fly reckless m8


(Parrthurnax GreyBeard) #11

Sold him my old high sec citidels and made off with some iskies back :smiley: ~ Would sell again

(cornetto cheesecake glory) #12

No problems thoughout the process. I am happy that honest, hardworking people such as the Cohenbergs are still around.

(EnigmaticFoxxy) #13

I had an azbel sitting around from my foray into industry, and when I wanted to get rid of it, the Cohenbergs made it incredibly easy to recover my isk. I can not recommend them highly enough.

(Illyl Hemah) #14

I used this service for my corp Epicaricacy. I had a great experience. I had citadels spread out all over high sec and I was unable to pay the up keep on all of them(high sec mining can only pay for so much). I contacted Sergei and he was able to do the process the same day ISK in hand.

Thanks again Sergei!

(Crep Arthie) #15

Thanks for this service. I had two astras in a backwater pocket I set up for my corp, but the corp didn’t go anywhere and I was out a bunch of ISK. I was hesitant to sell at just 90% Jita but I realized that it would cost me so much more to keep it powered or subject it to the FOB rats. God forbid I got a wardec, too, so Sergei took them off my hands.

(Noctis Locus) #16

100% reliable and responsible. I sold him an old Azbel I was no longer able to take care of and got the best deal I could have imagined. Being able to sell at 90% Jita helped me recoup some of the hard-earned ISK I had invested in the structure and allowed me to avoid any potential wars.

(Shinka Sky) #17

Good reliable service. Will sell unused Raitaru again.

(Faylee Freir) #18

I have (1) Astrahus class Upwell Structure in the star system, “Sobaseki”. I will contact you and we can sit down to discuss the transfer process.

(Navigo) #19

I had a sotio and 3 athanors sitting around that I have stolen from another corp and TBH unanchoring and moving it back to jita was too much of a hassle. This guy saved me a ton of time with awesome response time and great pricing

10/10 would sell again, will contact you later as I get more citadels to sell

(blacksagefire) #20

This is a scam. Was well played having this post up. Also have chat logs if people want