[SERVICE] Konkord Holdings 1st eve cooperative

Chat with us in the “Koncord Holdings” channel.
Im sure we can make an arrangement.


The NEW EDEN most trusted financial services.
Why keep your ISK standing making nothing. We are the first economic improvement cooperative. Join this newbro friendly cooperative community and make easy interests with our CD program every 15 days payed weekly.
We have a fixed interest rate payed UPFRONT when you start our business relationship.

And there is MORE… Once your CD is in and stable you can access a big benefit to an instant short term LOAN program where you can have as much as 80% of your total investment calculated with a low interest rate. Your investment turns into your collateral or mortgage.
Its a win for you and a win for us supporting our player based economic power.
Come and join us. We can provide the tools for your new eden needs.


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