[SERVICE] [PUSHX] Push Industries - Hauling service

(Sarastus) #247

Perfect job, Rush order delivered in about 5 h (promise was within 24h) Will use them in the future

(Draco Tijandor) #248

Very quick and clean job! Best service!

(Takashi Ryals) #249

Very Fast Service completed my 200k m3 contract 30 out from jita in just over an hour after accepting! Plus cheaper than Red Frog by a ton!
Cassie also gave me an update when i asked in their public channel PushX :smiley:

(Sard Pares) #250

Excellent Service!

(Doomsigh) #251

No Muss, no Fuss. Works these guys do the job as advertised, at the advertised price. Will use again. Today Even.