[SERVICE] [PUSHX] Push Industries - Hauling service

(Sarastus) #247

Perfect job, Rush order delivered in about 5 h (promise was within 24h) Will use them in the future

(Draco Tijandor) #248

Very quick and clean job! Best service!

(Takashi Ryals) #249

Very Fast Service completed my 200k m3 contract 30 out from jita in just over an hour after accepting! Plus cheaper than Red Frog by a ton!
Cassie also gave me an update when i asked in their public channel PushX :smiley:

(Sard Pares) #250

Excellent Service!

(Doomsigh) #251

No Muss, no Fuss. Works these guys do the job as advertised, at the advertised price. Will use again. Today Even.

(Cassie Helio) #252

PushX Hauling - Large and X-Large Volume Increase, Collateral Limit Increase, Low Sec Small Service Discontinued

Quotes https://www.pushx.net/quote.php
Rates https://www.pushx.net/rates.php
Delivery Times https://twitter.com/PushXnet
How to get SOV service: https://www.pushx.net/sov-service.php
In Game channel: PushX
Discord https://discord.gg/S4Vsux2

Hello New Eden! Cassie Helio, CEO of PushX here.

PushX has been making changes to our services to keep up with the ever changing landscape of New Eden.
All changes in this announcement will go live at down time December 22nd.

High Sec Large and X-Large Volume increase

PushX wants to squeeze every last ounce of efficiency out of our ships so we are maxing out what our freighters can take so customers can squeeze a little bit more into a trip. We have increased the max volume of freighter loads the very edge at no extra cost!

  • High Sec Large increased to 848,000m3 (+3000m3)
  • High Sec X-Large increased to 1,126,500m3 (+1500m3)

Increased Collateral for High Sec X-Small, High Sec Small, and Jump Freight

Some of our services are getting an increase in the collateral allowed. This will allow more flexibility for customers’ expensive loads without having to make a special request.

  • High Sec X-Small (max volume 12,500m3) increased to 30b (+25b)
  • High Sec Small (max volume 62,500m3) increased to 10b (+5b)
  • All Jump Freighter (max volume 360,000m3) increased to 50b (+20b)

High Sec X-Small and Small services rates will stay the same but after 5b in collateral, the price will be raised +20m per billion collateral.

The calculation for JF contracts has changed and that will cause some contract prices change. Some will go up and some will stay the same. Below is a full list of the new collateral fees for JF.

up to 1b collateral - Free (included in base charge)
up to 2b collateral - 20m (+10m)
up to 3b collateral - 30m (+10m)
4b - 40m (+10m)
5b - 50m (+10m)
6b - 65m (+10m)
7b - 80m (+10m)
8b - 90m (+5m)
9b - 105m (+5m)
10b - 120m (+5m)
12b - 150m (+5m)
14b - 175m (+0)
16b - 210m (+0)
18b - 245m (+0)
20b - 285m (+0)
22b - 325m (+0)
24b - 370m (+0)
26b - 415m (+0)
28b - 465m (+0)
30b - 515m (+0)
35b - 610m (new)
40b - 700m (new)
45b - 785m (new)
50b - 870m (new)

Low Sec Small Service Discontinued

Our Low Sec Small service with a max volume of 62,500 m3 will be discontinued in this service update. Due to changing demands of service to this type of space these contracts will now be handled by Jump Freight. Our Low Sec X-Small service with a max volume of 12,500m3 is still available and will be unchanged. Customers wishing to move items smaller than 12,500m3 can still utilize our Low Sec X-Small service.

Thank you very much patrons of New Eden and we are excited to serve you. See you in space.
Cassie Helio

PushX API ( https://api.pushx.net )
MyPushX ( https://my.pushx.net )
Our MyPushX service allows you to keep track your position in line as well as of all your past and present contracts. Register today to benefit!

(Nishoran Maljari) #253

First time i use Pushx services. Fast , Reliable, always someone will get back to you whenever you have questions. Am very satisfied . 10/10 Thank you

(L Blaze) #254

Thank you very much for your excellent service. I had most of my isk stuck in low sec and now with it in a highsec market i won’t be poor for much longer! I was very impressed with your excellent website and the order tracking! Great job and thanks again, 10/10.

(solicitatora) #255

Good service. Fast and no hassle. Thanks!

(Rouge Hinford) #256

very fast for moving stuff out of jita, had a small pause due to the volume of contracts. updated cause everything for a rush delivery was delivered within 6 hours . will use again definitely will use again for shipping needs.

(Nomaya Infinity) #257

WoW! PushX ROCKS! They delivered super freaky fast! I’ll be contracting with you again real soon!

(Toonis Kalkoken) #258

Will use again!

(Buck Fankers) #259

Rush service delivered in 4 hours.
Will use again.

(rayyen) #260

Rush service delivered within 50minutes.
Well worth adding a couple of millions to the reward.

Awesome service, will use again! 10/10!

(Sakura Chann) #261

10/10 service, would recommend.
See you nex time.

(Va'sch Zebeski) #262

Competitive prices, and friendly service. Rush job completed in just over two hours.

Will definitely use again. 10/10

(Khanid Voltar) #263

Rush job completed in 71 minutes. You guys rock!

(Summer VonSturm) #264

If I were in prison with Cassie Helio I would totally protect her.

Excellent service 10/10 :heart:

(Nakashima Shimizu) #265

nice fast service thanks

(Sakura Chann) #266

fast service thanks :beers: