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great work guys. I have a lot of thing in many many I have to move it to a single point, so no issue u will soon see my contracts with you guys also was happy how u inform who move the player contract I like that .keep it up guys great work


You guys are true MVP, when blackfrog blacklisted a certain hot system and no-one else would do the job. Pushx didn’t hesitate and did a fantastic boss job.

I’m definately using PushX services from now on.
Best regards.


PushX - Holiday Hauling Special


Hello New Eden,


In the spirit of the season PushX is offering discounts on our hauling services!


From Downtime 12/17 to Downtime 12/25 you can get:


  • 33% off our Rush fee for Standard Freight contracts (Non-Jump Freight Contracts)


  • 5% off all Jump Freight Contracts



Our calculator will automatically apply your discount to your quote: https://pushx.net


We’re looking forward to hauling for you this holiday season!


Fly Safe and Remember: Don’t Move It; PUSH It.


-Xye Asterus

Standard Queue Manager

Push Industries

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PushX moved my stuff to where I want it without fuss or muss, and I was able to track status via their website without issue.


Great service! Needed a bunch of high value BPOs moved through highsec fast and it was done in 32 minutes with their Rush service! Thanks again!

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Great Service! It was done overnight! Woke up this morning to meet the courier completed! Will come back for your service!

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Amazing service!

I live on the backbone of the galaxy among bloodthirsty russians so I was a bit sceptical about delivery time. Yet I got my stuff on Jita within a day.

Worth every ISK.

I will surely use PUSHX in the future.

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Quick and timely service. 51 deep queue and delivered within 12 hours of contract creation.

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Excellent service as always. There was +120 contracts yesterday and it was delivered faster than I expected. Great work! Thank you.

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Great service, moved everything in a single day and at a appropriate price. 11/10.

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I’ve used these guys so many times. Normal freight, even JF’s. 100% delivery rate, usually within 24-48 hours without rushing it. Spent years using red frog, swapped to Push around 6-12 months ago, will continue to be push customer till I win eve.

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All items were delivered in a fast way.


Item delivered as promised in a prompt (about 12 hrs.) manner.
Definitely saved the stress of self moving and worth every isk.

Great job, guys!

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Fantastic service, great rates, and delivered faster than expected. Will definitely ship with them again

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Good fast delivery, good pricing and a mail to let you know it is done. Excellent service

Great service, would recommend.