[SERVICE] T2 Item's Component BPO 10/20

Hi Guys.
I wanna re-start my service of research and sell kit of all race T2 component BPO. All kit will be delivered fully researched 10/20 and i will use Rens as contract hub.
(for T2 component i mean Gravimetric sensor cluster etc.)

I still dont have any race kit avaliable because i come back from a long pause to eve…and i wanna see if this service (that i run 7 years ago) is still apreciated.
So i am taking order right now, and if i see some order i am happy to start researching.

Price for each race kit is 70M.

Are these BPO’s? If you are offering all four racial sets fully researched BPOs, I’ll take one set of each race at 70 mil for each set. Just contract them to me ingame please.

Lol. This dude

What about your service? Do you sell bpo?
if yes and you sell full sets I will take a set of each races.

Cheap price. I sell these regularly in game for significantly more.

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