Set Implants and Set Implant Modules

Since implants come in sets and have accumulative bonuses, I think that ships fit with set modules would increase the bonuses of their attributes that are accumulative as well. When both set modules and set implants are used the Pilot is fused into their ships every nook and cranny to create the Ultimate Ship and Pilot connection.

Are you suggesting that for example when you plug in a crystal set and fit a shield booster on your boat, it suddenly does the shield boosting better?

That is surprising and congratulations on figuring out the mysteries of fitting a ship.

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Only if the entire ship is fit with Crystal Set modules.

Do you mean something along the lines of fitting True Sansha Pulse Lasers alongside True Sansha Heat Sinks and True Sansha Tracking Computers adding additional small bonuses for the set?

I think he means doing that at the same time as fitting a full set of ‘True Sansha Implants’

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