Setting own facilities with public access in hi-sec - how dangerous?

There’s a lot of bad advice in this thread.

First, public access is a bad idea. Having other people use your production or research system will increase the system index, reducing the benefit of a structure. And it makes your facilities more obvious to anyone hunting for killmails.

Second, an Azbel is a target, a Raitaru is much less of one. Structure bashing still takes a lot of effort, and even with Quantum Cores, an anti-structure fleet would make more ISK if they went off doing PVE instead of blowing up your Raitaru. If they come for you, they are doing it for a reason - you’ve pissed someone off, or something like that.

Third, frustrating attackers is better than doing nothing. If you are attacked and you can’t win, operate the guns and blow up their drones, or web&scram someone to make them nervous, etc. Sometimes, they won’t come back for the next timer.

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Or not.
Stop assuming that people need to reveal their reasons.

Not aware of giving bad advice myself.

I’m not sure what I plan to do with the upcoming changes. I’m leaning towards de-comissioning, but I’m also considering anchoring another Raitaru and an Athanor. Obviously I’m conflicted.

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