Setting up a structure?

Physically speaking, how do you acquire and setup a structure?

Let’s presume a corp buys an Athanor upwell.

  1. How do you take delivery and move it from the seller’s location?
  2. How do you determine where exactly (as in where in orbit or space) to put it?
  3. How do you get it listed on the map as an orbital in the system?


Some of the basics are answered in this support article.


I don’ want to be a downer here, but if you don’t know these things, you shouldn’t be putting up structure. Learn the game from some vets, you are only asking for some heartbreak.


I’m going to assume since you are asking such basic questions that you don’t know that owning a structure opens you up to wardecs and the imminent destruction of said structure…

How will I know/learn if I don’t ask? :thinking:


Oh believe me, I know that well. :persevere:

Perfect. Thanks! :+1:

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