Settings z-s drones grey, no standing with any pilot

I don’t know if it because my system crashed during a game or that my newly installed bitdefender cleaned up files but I lost my Z-S overview.
No problem I thought, did a reset of the setting, installed the core followed by the Stand view.

For some reason now my own drones are grey and there is not a Pilot in the chats where I have a standing with, normally a few show as green.

How can I get my drone colors back (so they are easier to spot) and perhaps the standings.

Also I remembered changing some settings to the Trigs show up on my enemy overview. If you know where to set that too, awesome!

Then make sure “triglavian Entities” is selected.

Past that, I’m not sure if you have encountered a bug, or borked something during install. I didn’t think it was possible to change the colors of your own drones though, so it might be a bug. idk. Anyway, I would recommend resetting your overview to the default settings, and then starting again from scratch. If that still doesn’t work, then you should probably file a support ticket.


Thanks! Triglavian added!! Awesome.

I already went back to the normal settings and reinstalled it, even cleared some cache (found that suggestion on the i-net).

I think I need more help there

Okay, here’s a tutorial vid. Try following that. If that still doesn’t work, then that probably means that you have encountered a bug (I haven’t heard of anyone else having problems with the Z-S overview pack, so that should be good to go). In which case, you can try clearing the cache to see if that will work. Past that, you’ll need to file a support ticket.

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hi, I know this. I installed it a few times before.

I removed it, cleared all cache, restarted the game, reinstalled Z-S first core, then Standard layout. And before I install Z-S my grones are green in space, after Z-S they are grey.

Support can’t help since this is a 3rd party app. :frowning:

Okay, I bet I know what’s going on. So first of all, you can change the color of your own drones by changing the color of your corporation. Anyway, CCP split capsuleer and non-capsuleer corps into their own entries not to long ago, so I’m thinking that the guy who maintains the pack intentionally set colors for capsuleer corporations to grey, because they’ll still shoot each other if given the opportunity. However, this also affects your own drone colors.

Now, you can just change all your “corpies” and drones back to green, or you could create your won corporation. This would allow you to set your drones to green without greening a bunch of people who are effectively neutral to you, and it would allow you to avoid the 10% NPC tax.

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Hi thanks for the effort. Your highlighted option I have that checked and unchecked. It’s probably somewhere in Z-S. If I remove the Z-S pack they are green again.

Okay, I think at this point you should consider using another overview, or building your own from scratch. I know it can take a hour or two to do, but you can set it up exactly the way you want it, and won’t get a bunch of d-scan filters that you don’t use (which can make finding the ones you want easier in a pinch).

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