"shadow" disconnects?

So weird issue… client now and then just like “shadow disconnects” like didn’t disconnect in the usual way (actually had to close the task to even get it to close) at some point I will start noticing things not working/updating/responding (ex: I’ll try to drag ammo into a container its “locked for unknown reason”, i could open things like the character sheet and market windows etc but just get empty or black windows lol in space the few times it’s happened I wont notice anything’s off until i happen to catch d scan not completing or the ship just landing and sitting at a gate… at least with the “you lost connection” pop up window i can restart the client and be back in control within a minute or so right but this is on a different level… :ccpfalcon:

Something with internet latency. Where you just reconnect before the game times out. :man_shrugging:

@Anthony_FatTony_Amico - Right, and I’m wondering if others have had the same or similar issues and if so whether they’ve found ways to mitigate the frequency/likelihood of such occurrences…

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Literally get a better router or new modem depending on ISP AT&T for example doesn’t let their customers buy routers in the US. You must use their stuff.

Sometimes I do experience it but nothing to the point on annoyance. Mabye 2-3 times over a span of 3 months? :person_shrugging:

I have always been a fan of a STABLE internet connection but ISPs in the US these days always push for faster faster and FASTER speeds. I don’t want 5gb of speed. (I currently have 1gb plan) :joy: I want my connection to be stable. :joy: :joy:

Oh yeah I already do all that cause Spectrum is terrible and of course the only option but I suspect maybe my VPN setup could be the culprit

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Exactly what happens to me and many others. Nice video!

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