This is what a "Shadow Disconnect" Looks Like. What is happening and what (if anything) can I do about it?

VIDEO: EVE Online: What a “Shadow Disconnect” Looks Like

Weird issue, the client will now and then just “shadow disconnect” (their may be an existing term for what this is but I have yet to come across anyone whos had the same issue in the past which is a bit strange in of itself given how old the game is surely one would think there would be an old forum post or something somewhere but not that I’ve seen at least, so I’ve coined the phrase “shadow disconnect” as just like being “shadow banned” I’m effectively disconnected except I have no way of knowing when it happens or if there’s even a specific cause which as you can imagine is INFINETLY worse than just being shown a popup saying you’ve lost connection and restarting the client as 99% of players reading this are well familiar with doing.) Even after it becomes apparent that the client is no longer “in the present” and effectively frozen and unresponsive (at some point I will start noticing things not working/updating/responding as they should (ex: I’ll try to drag ammo into a container and its “locked for unknown reason”, I could open things like the character sheet and market windows etc but just get empty or black windows, d scan cycling forever or the ship just landing and sitting at a gate) to restart the client you cant even just “x out” or “rightclick+close window” no you have to go into task manager and hard close the .exe process. At least with the “you lost connection” pop up type of disconnect your ship immediately e-warps (or tries to at least) and i can restart the client and be back in control within a minute or two tops, no big deal usually but THIS? No THIS sh!t is absolutely going to get me killed eventually, I’ve already had a few close calls with it happening in places like Pochven and landing on stargates in lowsec with logoff timers and as you can see in this clip I’ve literally just landed in a Crimson Combat site which if you don’t know the rats there tackle you and the only reason I survived this was I happened to be in a passive fit that was specifically designed to perma-tank full aggro. It would be nice if I knew what the ₣*ck was actually causing this before I start losing ships due to sh!t I literally have ZERO control over.

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And yet you are here :ccpfalcon:

Oh yah it happens to me every now and then.

Really just an ISP issue between that and connecting with the EVE server. I aint smart about the IT stuff behind it but pretty much I think it’s a point where you are still connected but didn’t time out.

You will either go back to normal or the entire thing will crash. I seen my laptop momentary disconnect from my wifi because of EVE. :joy:

Only recommendation really is to get a better ISP or like a new modem so things are connected.
A direct line connection is also best vs wifi.