Shadow State - Large 0.0, PVP and Indy Corporation Looking for you!


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Shadow State (SSTAT)

In-Game Public Chat: SSTAT Public

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Shadow State is recruiting active PvP and Industrial pilots in all time zones.
We are a tightknit large sized corporation and a member of the Imperium alliance. Based in Delve, we offer small gang to bloc-level warfare, superior mining content, fully upgrades systems and top tier reprocessing and manufacturing facilities.

What we offer:
-Competent FC’s to fly with, both at the corp and coalition level
-Top of the line, corp owned Industrial Infrastructure. Sotiyo class engineering complex
-Fleets during all time zones
-Perfect T2 rigged Refinery with 0% tax rate for members
-Reduced pricing on all capital, super capital, and titan hulls
-Ship Replacement Programs for Strategic and Peacetime (fleet and solo)
-Large capital and capital support presence
-Reward programs for participation and fleet commanders
-Corp based logistics for all your shipping needs
-Numerous ways to make ISK during your downtime

What we need from you:
-A full API for each account
-8 paps a month [pvp pilots]
-Monthly ore quota [industrial pilots]
-Working microphone and the ability to use TS3, Mumble, Jabber and Discord
-Ability to be on comms when logged into Eve
-15m skill points [pvp pilots]
-Rorqual capable miner [industrial pilots, minimum of 1]
-Thick skinned personalities able to learn from mistakes and survive in a grizzled group of Veteran miners and pvp’ers.

What we aren’t looking for:
-People with poor comms etiquette
-High maintenance/drama members (be self-sufficient)

Join in-game chat “SSTAT Public” for any questions. You can also mail Smotch, Brown Star, Pittsburgh2989 or Enderr Wigginn01 in game to get in contact with us.

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Recruitment is running!

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To the top! Who is looking for a corp today?

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bump, looking for more skilled EU pilots

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Up to the top looking for those pvpers and indy players!

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Come play with us!!!

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To the top!

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Who’s looking for a corp?

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Keep em comin! We are looking for fresh blood!

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Jeffrey called and said you were looking for a corp. Stop on by!

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Whos looking for a corp?

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Heyo! still open!

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