Shake the meta. Give us statics with Quantum Flux Generator installed

Shake the meta. Give us statics with Quantum Flux Generator installed.
We currently have two significant groups of players who almost never interact with each other under normal circumstances. Shake it.
A large number of dreads, faxes and supers have already been built in the depths of the W. For every ship in EVE, the worst possible fate is to remain docked and covered in dust. Layer by layer. This could be a great and entertaining… ugm… interaction for both sides of Eve, k and w.
We could see a lot of interesting fights between heavily capitalized local groups against outsiders with limited pathway. And a lot of diplomacy between locals without local and outsiders who don’t like each other as well :slight_smile:
Also, it will make w-diving more frequent, just to make boring life of w-dwellers much more entertaining.
P.S. Also our Triglav (Edencom?) friends haven’t invented anything new for a very long time. W-space filaments may be?

no ! END !

This will be a wonderful adventure for a huge, HUGE number of people :slight_smile:
Just shake it

tell us how this would improve eve !

You are not CCP. You said END. END with you.

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What are you actually proposing in gameplay terms?

he wanna have a WH generator where he can took a specific conection ! and thats just stupid.

you cant build supers in wh space ! and you also cant jump into wh space with supers and titans !

just roll your hole and you see more holes …

filaments got banned out of WH space for a reason …

its just a fugging troll thread …

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