Sharable notes or fliers

Hi there! I spend a lot of time helping new players, and have been considering how useful a note or flier (similar to the recruitment ads) could be. I am thinking about something that I could link in engine that could have a bunch of information and links.

For example, if someone wanted to know how to increase their standing, you could link them a standing information sheet. When they click it a window would appear with information on how to increase standings. It could describe how to increase it above zero by killing rats with bounties. It could also tell the player how to get stnading to 0 by using tags. It could link a system with a nearby security office, that the player could then set a destination to, and it could also have links to the tags needed that they could click on and view on the market and buy immediately. You could also have links to the eveuni wiki discussion on security status and the tag calculator tool.

I really feel this could take organization and information handling in the game to the next level. Instead of having to link to a bunch of videos, fits, and external web pages, you could give someone an information packet all at once.
Not only would this greatly improve the NPE imo, it would help corps and alliances manage info as well. No longer would you need huge MOTDs and stuff, you could have a small motd with a single link to the required info.

Thoughts? I assume these would have to be limited in some way, since corp bulletins are.

If you can include links in it, like shared bookmarks, and if you could include these in contracts then yes, I would be in favor of this.

Yeah that would be the thought. Essentially like editable, sharable, corp bulletins.

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