Ship based compression

Anyone in the CSM heard anymore about an eta for this proposed feature that was left out of the industry update ?

Or possibly one of you would be kind enough to give CCP a nudge and see what there thoughts on it are atm

Thanks in advance

And as if by magic a podcast appears covering exactly my question , among other things , thanks anyways

They talk a little about it in the Declarations of War podcast from yesterday. No date however.

Yes it was posted in general discussion just a couple of hours after I asked , cheers for the heads up though

I read the title and thought of gankers and gate camps compressing ships (and pods) all the time.

Yes, we have been talking about it today.

No, I can’t tell you what the ETA is.

I was pleased with what I saw.

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Yes , that’s good to hear , the snippets CCP released on the podcast sounded promising.

Thanks for the reply

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