Ship burns off regardless of in-game instructions to do otherwise

Hi, today In had a re-occurrence of an annoying issue I thought I’d fixed following a system rebuild.
Instead of orbiting, keeping at range, approaching, aligning or free burning my ship just decides to burn off in a random direction. This does not interfere with warping and only happens once I have piloted the ship after a warp or jump. If I do nothing it just sits there as you’d expect.
The previous time I had this issue the direction of this unexpected travel seemed to be like 30° to the left every few seconds which would having me burning in circles. This time around it was always in exactly the same direction, as if I were tying to burn off to another system the hard way.
Someone mentioned it could be mouse related; I have a Logitech G603 with the DPI down at 3000 but can’t see how this could be the cause.
I’ll try a bug report, just wanted to hear if anyone else had heard of something?

You might have a keyboard issue, you could change the Navigation keybinds for manual piloting to troubleshoot it.


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