UI became unresponsive; lost a ship in burner. Recourse?

I warped into what must now be my several-hundredth team burner mission. I’ve never died ONCE in one of things. Heck, I don’t think I’ve ever even taken damage. I land and proceed to orbit at 30km and activate my MWD. The Jaguar and both support frigs are 41km away at this point.

No go. The MWD doesn’t start flashing green. Hmmm. Uh oh.

I double-click on space to move away from the rats (as if that’ll do any good without prop). No go. Maybe I’ll see a ‘socket closed’ soon…


Within just a few seconds, all 3 rats get in range, and the Jaguar kills me in another few seconds. The UI isn’t responding to any of my actions.

But it wasn’t a closed socket. The instant after my ship was destroyed. I tried double-clicking on space, and my pod immediately began to move.


With a reasonable time between attempts, I had tried several times to activate the MWD. A couple times with a mouse click, once with the keyboard shortcut.

And yes, I checked for the rookie mistakes. I had plenty of cap. I was not clicking the overheat portion of the icon. I was well out of the pirate’s scram range when attempting to activate MWD.

I can afford to lose what I flew, but a Garmur is not a trivially-priced ship, and in no way did I make a pilot error.

Do I have any options to get back my ship, or at least reimbursed the ISK for it? I don’t think anything like this has happened to me before.


I would submit a support ticket under the following (on the account you lost the ship on)


Game Play Support
Lost Ships

Then you can pick the character which lost the ship and the ship loss from the drop-down.

Then fill in the Subject and Description accordingly.

Thank you for such a prompt and instructive response! I will try to hit you up with some ISK in-game.

dont forget to BM wreck, abandon the mission, and come back to loot the wreck. Any module dropped won’t be reimbursed.

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Stuff like this has been happening to me too. I lost a prowler to Caldari police because the warp bubble collapsed 6km from the gate. Unless there’s a new mechanic that allows police to interrupt a criminal’s warp. I submitted a ticket but there’s so many bugs lately.

Great advice which I didn’t take. I was flying a cheap garmur burner fit, so maybe 7-10 mil in module losses. They gave me my Garmur back (whew), so I’ll take the 10mil hit in exchange for getting the 75mil back.

I wanted to come back to the wreck, but completely forgot that abandoning the mission was an option. Part of me still wants to run it for the LP. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

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After a few hundred burners you become used to making mistakes that result in burner ship dead.
Basically I have spare hulls+refit for my burner fits.

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