Ship fitting reff

If I’m looking to gank a ganker I want to kill him as fast as possible after I activate the kill right or if I want to gank him before he even goes suspect in high sec I will loose my ship to Concord. Do I care about tank? Or speed? Normally I want to be close enough to scram incase I activate a kill right so they don’t get away. I may choose to do it from 100k out but if they are awake they will just jump or dock. I get what your saying but there are always exceptions to every situations.

Yes, but that alpha strike or DPS fit is one which is cost sensitive. Pure DPS and alpha optimization says officer and/or abyssal lows on that gank boat. Thus my comment about bounding by cost sensitivity. “Most X/Y/Z” almost always has a version where usually the cost of the next step up is beyond what someone is willing to pay for that next step until we hit players with multiple trillions fitting out faction titans.

Look man sometimes people myself included are just looking for what you call a FAIL fit. Not everyone has to play or search or be MIN/MAX on every aspect. It is just THAT simple. If I am looking to throw away or sacrifice a ship to the EVE gank GODS, your correct I am not goanna fit faction mods just like every other ganker, however on my ORCA or my SKIFF I may just like in real life use substitution effect. Does that Wal-Mart off brand mustard taste the same as the brand name for twice the price? If I’m looking to keep the ship, I fit what I can afford also just like augments and implants. Sure I will buy a high level implants/augments set, but I still won’t pay 6billion for same thing that does 1% less for 100 million AKA substitution effect.

Please overlook my poor grammar/ English is not my native language.