Ship for t1/t2 Abyss wichout drone :)

My character was for ratting with drone vexor/ishtar Gallante. Run alot of mission with drone… but this is NOW BORING like hell, very good ships with drone but…

I look on site Abyss Tracker for fits but… wanna try missile friendly ship, not GILA or somthing like that, ship for easy t1/t2 with missile AND wichout drone (i know, even 2 drone can help alot).

Maybe someone have fit for missile ship but “easy” survive in t1/t2… i see alot of youtube video with ship BUT it’s always better ask on forum, someone can put his fit and other can tell “No, better change this for this”… destroyer/cruiser/Assault.

Don’t have turrets skills :slight_smile: but my other account running T1/2 on retribution, very funny and easy to survive.

This is for T1/2 easy survive ?? I got ship for T0…

For T2’s and below I recommend an afb/LML jackdaw. You can solo the rooms pretty easily, though you will probably want to ignore the extra containeners in the first room or two.

The overall damage isn’t the greatest, but it is safe (certain rooms in T2s would be nearly a death sentance for a solo rocket Jackdaw) and being able to use the filiment’s resist debuff against the rats helps mitigate that a fair bit so you can grab a stack of the cheaper filiments to run with, or get some variety.

You can also dual-box jackdaws to make T2’s trivial and T3’s still fairly easy (or moderately difficult but very doable if your skill trains aren’t the best, tech 2 weapons and tac dessy IV or something).

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