Ship Inventory Dropped after Death?

I recently started playing, and got myself a Cormorant through one of the story missions. I then proceeded to destroy an Ibis that was marked as a suspect. This person was using an Ibis outfitted with Inferno Rage Rockets to destroy some new players, through some sketchy means. I was wondering if there was a way to access his inventory, and therefore his Inferno Rockets and launcher? Any help is appreciated!

If you’re within 2,500 meters of the wreck, you can access the cargo hold and find any loot that managed to survive the ship destruction. There’s a 50/50 drop chance on everything (except fitted Rigs, which are always destroyed).


As stated above, fitted modules and stacks of items in cargo each have a 50% chance of dropping. You could be lucky all the profitable stuff dropped but you could also be unlucky.

To see what dropped, and to see the rest of the kill info, open your character sheet, go to interaction tab, combat log, wins. Double click on the kill info and it’ll give you as much info as possible. All the stuff that has a green back ground dropped.


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