How to loot other people's NPC wrecks?

So I am trying to do some pirate dens but this cruiser guy keeps on wiping it out and leaves all the ships unlooted. I understand you get marked for taking anything but I can’t seem to be able to take anything at all. I open the cargo and there is some nice stuff in it but I am unable to place it into my cargo. I have enough space to hold what I am taking and I know you can take it so am I doing something wrong?

There is little circle,light,button above your ship capacitor.
Once u click on that, u should have 3 safety options.
Read carefully before u go from green to something else.

”Note that the Cruiser pilot is going to be able to shoot you legally, once u have looted his wreck”

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Thanks you just made me a few mil


hopefully he also lost you a few bill too.

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