Ship spotlights

The idea of the spotlights is great. An easy to read page of useful information for a given ship outside the game. However, the implementation is more than lackluster. Instead of the useless spotlights that CCP put out, which contains no useful information beyond quoting what’s in the ship info window, the next spotlights should please be done by this guy? Maybe not as extensive and comprehensive but at least with some information beyond mere show info text.


That pdf is awesome.

I wouldn’t call that Spotlight its a complete MUST have/read guide for all Alphas and whoever decide to jump into the frig pvp fray.

Well done :clap:

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Perfection, destroyers please!

You have to tell @t_sky on reddit:

IMO the best part of the spotlight are the wallpapers … now if only we can have an extension of the wallpapers so that i can put it across my screen. Just an extension to the bar in space is fine.

There are some false assumptions in that chart.

The chart gives people the idea that the Condor, Atron or Executioner are frigates intended to for faction warfare or engaging gate camps by yours truly.

They are not. Those ships are the path to interceptors. You can defend yourself a little while pinning down a someone but that is all they are intended to do - pin someone.

Now, in real edge cases and with many years of experience you may be able to engage someone by yourself. In any case, the role bonus gives it away:

80% reduction of capacitor need for warp disruptors

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