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I ll start new journey with K-space sites… I did some HS DED’s, i did some 00 DED’s too, but never lived in low sec. I was searching for ships like T3C which can scan, doing PVE and cloak… and kill sometimes if there will be an opportunity (i dont like refits, mobile depots etc, want avoid that if i can). But i thought about this and… it is stupid idea, why i need to do everything with one ship? I have 3 accounts, so i can use another one… So this is idea: using one account for “weapon power” - like sites, killing others in PVP etc and second account for scanning and tackle.

Now i have a idea… 2nd account with eg. Arazu → scanning, if i find something what i want to do just jump with DPS ship (i can refit subsystem for cloak/jumping). Even if i find someone i can tackle him with same ship.

I can fly with few ships, some T2, some T3 (except proteus), just need some help with strategy, how to do this and make some money from that. I dont want RR fits, i want to use different characters for their own roles. Any advice?

I do scanning on my main. If I do it to do hacking sites, I don’t want to pvp anyways, and will usually not tag alts along. For hacking, I use a Buzzard with scanning modules and scanning implants… it’s blingy for the job but it does the job pretty fast.

Almost all my ships have core probe launchers on them, but a semi-combative ship like ceptors, dictors, assault frigs, … just have them for me not to have to suicide the ship if my exit wormhole collapses. If I undock to scan, rather then to pewpew and only casually scan stuff, I use the Covops explorer. A covops fitted T3C is scanning bonused, too, but it’s scanning performance is considerably inferior to a covops frig.

Rather then having an Arazu for scanning (??) I’d put that alt into a second T3C and run the ratting sites with two T3Cs, which should speed things up quite a bit. If you want to scan, the T3C will scan faster then the Arazu, too, and you can also install a Covops cyno on the T3C, if that was the primary use for the Arazu.

I would disadvice from ratting with blops. If you can decloak a blops on the ratting grid and get away with it, you can probably also siege a marauder there, and the later is considerably more bang-for-the-buck.

Understand, thanks for respond.

Have you ever tried belt ratting? I still dont know what to do, need to try everything :slight_smile:
Im searching information about mordus hunter, there are few ideas but… i saw that NPC are weaker for EM - so maybe should i use Legion? Dont need ammo for clearing belts, just need good DPS for mordus ships. Or maybe anyone have some T3C fit for hunting like that? i cannot find anything, only stratios fit :frowning:

I actually built a supercarrier with the loot from belt rats 2 years ago :smiley:

What you do, in low and null, is to warp through the belts, encountering belt rats. Each “regular” group of belt rats consists of a “primary” ship group and an “escort” ship group. For example, there could be battlecruiser primaries with a frigate type escort. You might want to farm either HAC type primaries or Battleship primaries, depending on your DPS/Application ratio.

There are system limits in the number of primaries spawning, which is 3 for truesec and 2 for lowsec / nullsec.

If you start wrecking a regular belt NPC group, but you don’t wreck all of it before the belt rat cycle tick, they will warp off, and go to another belt. If not wrecked there, the group will actually start “regenerating” it’s lost vessels after another complete belt rat cycle tick.

This means that if you wreck 2 Battleships of a 2BS/3Dessie group, and don’t bother with the dessies, after a while the BS will reappear … for you to wreck them again!

If you wreck all rats in a group, however, a new group of random composition will spawn after the next belt cycle tick. Since it’s random, it might have 2/3 BS rats.

Now the trick is that all BS(HAC) groups are “farmed” by wrecking the BS(HAC), while not wrecking the escorts, and all other groups are wrecked at a potential to spawn new BS(HAC) groups. As you repeat this, the system slowly but surely fills up with BS/HAC groups.

However, if you warp around, and encounter a group that has 1BS and it’s escorts, you might want to wreck it as it might be replaced by a 2BS group… but it is in fact a 2BS group where only 1BS has so far respawned. You wreck the group and lose a “farm group”.
For this reason ,you put irrepairable damage to an escort vessel. No faction can repair hull damage, Gurista and other shield tanked factions can’t repair armor, either. So you shoot one of the escort ships into hull. When you warp into a group that has an insufficient number of farm ships, lock all the escorts. If one of them has hull damage, it’s a good spawn that hasn’t fully regenerated yet, but if all the escorts are undamaged, then it’s an insufficient group and should be wrecked instead.

DPS on the Officers is less of an issue then tank and damage application.

The rats are:
Battleship: Mordu’s Special Warfare Unit Commander
Cruiser: Mordu’s Special Warfare Unit Specialist
Frigate: Mordu’s Special Warfare Unit Operative

They all drop Mordus Blueprint Copies with 1 run on their own player Variant: The frigate drops a Garmur BPC, the cruiser an orthrus BPC and the battleship drops a Barghest BPC, and they don’t pay a concord bounty.

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