Ships that are, in your opinion, worthy of homage and why?

Megathron… Because of f***ing Megathron!


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I’ll put a second vote for luxury yacht. When you got blueprints to move it’s hard to ask for a better ship.

The porpoise is also a surprisingly tough and flexible support ship. Often gets overlooked for the orca, but can be really useful at a fraction of the price.

Cynabal has always been one of my favorite ships, along with the mach.

I forgot to mention the Occator for WH space. It as absolutely indespensible.

Why? zzapzapzapzap

Trader Hansen knows - space trucking across the universe

I once had an etana I loved it one year later it blew up…

Shansha ships look like space thug ships or space badies

  1. Daredevil (The Demolisher)- demolishes almost all Burners and PVP enemies.

  2. Astero (The Cracker) - cracks all sites and other PVP enemies.

  3. Hecate (The LOLer) - just lol and press F1.

  4. Gila (The Terminator) - rats terminator and PVP enemies terminator after Mobile Depoted on the fly.

  5. Ishtar (The AFKER) - just kills all rats and PVP gankers while you preparing a coffee.

  6. Drake (The Baiter) - the most trusty buddie in J-space.

  7. Gnosis (The Dog) - just because it’s hard to know he is a puppy or is going to bite you.

  8. Skiff/Orca/Rorqual (The Tank) - WTF? Is this a mining ship?

  9. T2 Industrial Ships (The Finger) - well, guess why…

  10. Sleipnir (The Bastion) - no need a Marauder to troll rookie fleets.

  11. Rattlesnake/Machariel (The Bodybuilder) - just because they are on steroids.

  12. Stealth Bombers (The Bomber) - so much fun scenarios.

  13. Dreadnoughts (The Fly-Swat) - it’s epic!!!

Not T3 included into the list

Just because they are ‘bananas’ ships

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The Tempest (Fleet Issue). Go Sail-Boat-Fleet.

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