Shipyard Theft - safe for an experienced Golem pilot?

There’s no neuting / cap vampires correct?

I’ve never run this mission before, but am considering it. All relevant skills are maxed, so I was thinking about heading in with an active shield tank + bastion. 2 EM hardeners (for that nasty resist hole) and a Thermal. My torps can take out any BS in 3 volleys; the weaker ones in two. Even if my drones get aggro’ed by the elite frigates, I can target-paint their frigs to death and just hit’em with 3-4 volleys of T1 torps.

Are there any nasty surprises in store for me with this approach?

you got the blood raider version right?

avoid stage aggro and kill the groups properly. maybe you are saver with cruises and mjd away. looks like there is no capwarfare

I have run this mission multiple times in an Armageddon with 1 large armor repairer. A Golem should not have any issues. The MJD is certainly helpful to get out of potentially problematic situations, for instance, when you draw too much aggro.

Thanks guys. Sorry, yes, I got the Blood Raiders version. I checked Eve Survival, but was nervous that they missed reporting neuts / cap warfare.

I like the MJD idea - don’t know why I sometimes forget it’s an option. I’ll just swap it in for my MGC.

Thanks for the data points - helps me accept the mission with confidence.

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